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Your name is Victor.
It’s a pretty regular Saturday afternoon, and you want to go in town and to buy new shoes.
You know exactly what you need—a pair of red nike sneakers !

Scene 1

Click on the interactive elements

Scene 2

Now, you walk into a shoe store downtown and out of the corner of your eye, you see those gorgeous (and overpriced) Nike .

Scene 3

Now you just need to find your size, but there is no staff, no one in the store…
You wait a few minutes… Aaand still nothing. So, what do you do?

Let’s be honest, this could be your best friend's shoe store, and you're still not goingto wait all afternoon for a staff member to show up.

Scene 4

No, you’re going to pop over to the shoe store that is right across the street

and buy the very same shoes there!

Scene 5

Why should B2C online service be any different?

It shouldn’t. And that’s why speeding up your lead response time should be one of
your primary objectives if you are an agency selling B2C.