Want to make creations as awesome as this one?



7 people say yes
3 people say no

recycling is useful for you?

Do you smoke?

If yes do you throw your cigarette butts on the floor?

3 student smoke but only one throw his cigarette butts on the floor

7 student don't smoke

5 student have a compost bin on her garden

So 5 student don't have compost bin on her garden.

Do you have a compost bin?

Do you use it everyday?

3 out of 5 use it everyday

2 student last use it 2 time per week

6 student sort of his bottles

4 student don't sort his bottles

sort of your bottles?

do you buy responsible clothes?

1 student buy responsible clothes

9 students dont buy reponsible clothes

Do you throw your chewing-gum on the floor ?

8 student put his chewing-gum in a bin

2 student say no

Do you always put your waste in a bin when you are in the street ?

7 Student put waste in a bin in the sreet

3 student say no

Do you pick-up the trash you se on the floor in the street?

5 student pick-up the trash on the floor
5 student dont pick up

every people laughed and 10 say it's useless.

Knowing that 8500 sheet of papers are equal to 1 tree, answer yes or no, do you think it is good for the environment to use so many ?