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Gnu IT


The Pitch.

Stop wasting time on the internet and find the tools you need, easily. Welcome to the elevator pitch for Gnu-it:



Gnu-It Elevator Pitch:

Hi, I’m Hayley Mooney, creator of Gnu-It.

Did you know 1/3 of internet users have watched a how-to video this week? But how often are these videos 30 mins of rambling, basically just adds or completely unrelated to the initial search? Why is this the standard?

Because up until now, you could only access how-to videos on social platforms designed to entertain and keep you scrolling. That’s why there’s Gnu-it. A video-based platform with ONLY short, helpful tutorials vetted by a robust AI enabled filtering system so users know that Gnu-It will always find high quality videos on the topic they need.

Gnu-It’s business model isn’t based on scrolling through ads, instead revenue will come from small per-view fees, a subscription service, contributor fees for personalized tutorial channels and sponsored tutorials.

This is an ambitious project and start-up costs will include tech research and development as well as an aggressive marketing strategy to ensure that from the onset there is a high-volume of quality content so that Gnu-It becomes the only place to seek how-to videos.

Backing Gnu-It now could provide you with shares in a social platform like no other. Now is the time to invest in the power of the internet as a tool instead of a distraction.

Short. Helpful. Gnu-it.

If the video doesn't open directly, RIGHT CLICK on this link to open in YouTube: https://youtu.be/bSqil80U12I


The VEnture.






The Problem

The Sources

My Reflections


The Solution


The Business Model




The Person

The Pitch

The Risks


Why Gnu-It?


The Ask



Watch the Gnu-It 'elevator pitch'

Learn about the people behind Gnu-it

What is the pain point in finding good 'how-to' videos?

Take a look at the research behind Gnu-it

Learn how Gnu-it is the forefront of productive, purposeful internet use.

The numbers and business strategy behind Gnu-it

What competition does Gnu-it face?

Gnu-it is poised to change how we use the internet- be one of the innovators who back this project from its inception.

What an investment in Gnu-it means.

Gnu-It creator, Hayley Mooney reflects on the design process.

Ready to invest? Questions for our team? Contact us today.


Gnu-It is a creation of Over the Mooney Designs, an Educational Technology and Instructional Design Company based in the Outaouais Region, Canada.

The Team





  • Naval Engineer

  • Communications Specialist


  • Graphic Design, City of Bristol College, UK

  • Masters Student in Educational Technology, University of British Columbia


Hayley Mooney, CD, BEng

"As an Instructional Designer I always strive to be on top of new technologies. I am constantly searching for short helpful tutorials to learn new content. The idea behind Gnu-It was a job requirement for me."

  • Adult Educator

Over the Mooney Designs will be partnering with David Beldeure of MatchPro and Aether Automation for his expertise in social media platforms and AI enhancements to business.

  • Lifelong Learner!


Click here to see David's LinkedIn profile.

Click here to see Hayley's LinkedIn profile.



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#corporate 🖥

The Problem (1/3).

The internet is full of how-to information.
We can learn anything from how to bake a cake, to advanced photo editing, to building a rocket using videos on social media platforms.

We could be constantly learning and bettering ourselves every time we go online.

But we DON'T. What is the issue?

The platforms we go to for information were never designed to be learning tools.
They were designed to entertain. To keep in touch. To network.

These plaforms weren't designed for people who want to accomplish something.


Originally designed so anyone could post any video content they desired.

Video Platform


Designed to share short messages with groups of people. Originally professional.

Text Platform


Designed to share very short videos socially, commonly for entertainment

Video Platform


Professional networking site, LinkedIn learning provides professional training courses

Social Platform


Designed to share and learn about topics of personal interest.

Text Platform


Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of January 2022. Source: Statista 2022



Source: Lionel Guerraz on LinkedIn

Source: RedditList, Metrics for Reddit

Social media is designed to use up our time. It's in their algorithm. It's not in the best interest of these platforms for you to get the information you need, and then go and use it. They want you to stay and give you their time.

But what if you need to get something done?

There are a lot of people seeking tutorials on the internet- see stats HERE, and HERE.

These people aren't online to have their time wasted.

04 the Problem (2/3).

Click on the screen above to watch this optional video on "Why we can't stop scrolling: how social media keeps us online instead of accomplishing anything" or RIGHT CLICK to access this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/uBkeKv_6U4c

One-third of internet users has watched a tutorial or how-to video this week

People seek out video as a teaching tool.

How-to videos, tutorial videos and educational videos are particularly popular with Gen Z; in fact, 53.5% of female Gen Z internet users and 52.2% of male Gen Z internet users have watched a video in this genre this week. Source: Hootsuite Global State of Digital 2022 report



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04 The Problem (3/3).

Even on platforms that are designed for learning, it is difficult to find what you are looking for.

There is a lack of search functionality to find exactly what you need, quickly

Often how-to videos are not well vetted. Even if you find the topic you want to learn, you will have to sift through hundreds of videos with rambling hosts or teachers who aren't good at sharing information. Number of views may be due to their marketing rather than the quality of the lesson.

For examples of user dissatisfaction see:

This Reddit on how "The YouTube search absolutely sucks"

And to learn why Youtube videos are not vetted as well as Gnu-It, see:

This article on how low quality videos are not filtered out on YouTube

(If the links do not open, right click to open in a separate window)

#corporate 🖥

The Solution (1/3).

To create a video lesson platform for people who are actually looking to get things done- to find an answer quickly and dependably, not a distraction from life.

Stop wasting time. Learn what you want to know, now.


Welcome to productive social media.

Learn about the features Gnu-it will offer users to make their online learning experiences faster and easier so they can get back to work.


#corporate 🖥

The Solution (2/3).







No more rambling videos- the Gnu-it format will be short and sweet.


Filter videos wIth an AI-enabled search engine


Videos in Gnu-it will be ranked based on helpfulness, not views.


DId a video answer the question asked? Gnu-it wants to know.


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If the video below doesn't open, RIGHT CLICK this link to open it in YouTube: https://youtu.be/SbpA5TruRG8

Gnu IT

Diagram of Gnu-It

Click on the interactive elements in this design prototype of Gnu-It.



#corporate 🖥

05 The Solution (3/3).


How to fix your

Your search:

my bike chain broke

Your filters:
mountain bike
no tools
chain snapped beginner bike repair

Filter Ideas:
breaker tool
Bent chain



34 Videos
700 Helpful Votes
Follow me!

Other Gnu-It tutorials on this topic:


Chain Repair

Bike Fix

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Your filters: users can add as many key terms as they want to strengthen specificity of their search. AI will ensure that users can exclude some searches (road bikes) and will automatically include terms that mean the same thing.

Your Suggested Filters: Gnu-It's cutting edge AI technology will help users improve their search by providing helpful related terms to add as a filter if desired.

Instructor Profile: Gnu-It values its contributors and will promote designers who produce high quality learning products. Gnu-It intends to help boost diversity amongst its contributors in order to encourage visibility of teachers of all demographics.

Other videos: Gnu-It will recommend other videos on the same topic as well as videos which cover next steps (bike maintenance).

Gnu-It search: use the wording you want to ask a question. Gnu-It's SmartSearch technology will find what you are looking for more accurately than other video platforms.

#corporate 🖥

The Business Model (1/2).





High quality content will earn designers cash

Casual Viewers

Viewers who just want to see one tutorial can do so for free or a small fee


As Gnu-It increases in popularity subscriptions will be desireable

There will be several sources of revenue for Gnu-It:


No in-video ads



At Gnu-It we want the best content. Professional and high quality contributors will be encouraged by providing payment-per-view of their videos, where the best instructors will be promoted. Contributors can pay to host a Gnu-It Course Channel where they can connect a series of courses.

Single-use viewers of Gnu-It will be able to watch up to 6 videos for free on Gnu-It. After this, a small fee ($0.20) will be charged for further views. The tiny fee won't discourage viewers from watching, but may encourage them to join the subscription service. If a viewer doesn't find a video helpful, they can watch a second on the same topic for free.

As viewers become accustomed to going to Gnu-It for answers they will want to pay a small monthly subscription to avoid the fee every time they watch a video. Discounts will be offered for annual memberships.

There will not be ads in Gnu-It videos, although there may be some included on the homepage. Companies can pay to have their business tutorials featured on Gnu-It.


06 The Business Model (2/2).


  • Target market: All internet users
    • Aim to provide how-to's for all age-groups and interests
  • How to increase users:
    • Advertise on interest groups where questions are often asked:
      • Gaming groups
      • Car Forums
    • Possible partnership with other question response sites: Reddit, Wikihow, YouTube, TikTok
    • Connect with sites that explain processes to create an add-on (recipe sites would have an easy Gnu-It button for how to do certain steps of a recipe, like making a meringue)

Gnu IT

#corporate 🖥

The RISks (1/2).

Take a look at Gnu-It's competitors:


Made for entertainment, not learning. No format or quality control requirements for tutorials.


Lessons mostly business related and may require subscription to access.


Video length too short for full tutorial. Made to entertain (continue scrolling). No format or quality control requirements for tutorials.


Written forums, no visuals


Not a social network: does not provide users a chance to rate helpfulness. Search capabilities less effective than Gnu-It


07 The RISks (2/2).

Starting up is hard to do. Here are some of the initial challenges for Gnu-It:

  • Drawing in contributors and users
    • Solution:
      • Marketing on forums
      • Linking with other how-to sites
  • Bringing back users
    • Solution:
      • Ensuring the highest quality control and vetting systems from the start so that user experience is positive and the Gnu-It reputation grows
  • Bringing back contributors
    • Solution:
      • Start out with higher revenue for contributors and then reduce rates once popularity of platform increases



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#corporate 🖥


What makes Gnu-It better than the competition?

A search that works.

Gnu-It's search will ensure users find what they are looking for


Users will know that a Gnu-It video is worth watching.

Gnu-It's focus is information, not entertainment. No more wasting time.

This is the first site of it's kind. Serious learning meets social.

With Purpose




The Ask (1/2).

What does Gnu-It need from you?

  • Gnu-It is an ambitious project which will require designing state of the art algorithms and AI technology
  • Gnu-It will need a large marketing budget to attract high quality contributors quickly
  • The Gnu-It team will likely expand quickly to ensure that UX is good, that videos are vetted and that Gnu-It is the leader in providing How-To videos to the world


In order to get started, Gnu-It will require funding for research, design and marketing. The graph to the right shows how initial funding will reap high projected profits:

Projected Investment to Growth Ratio




Start Up Costs

Project launch deadline.

As content increases, Gnu-It will develop an extension to add to sites so that it can be accessed whenever a question needs an answer. Number of how-to videos on Gnu-It will easily become competitive with YouTube, but will bear the added standard of quality.

Brand familiarity is developed through marketing, increasing the creation of content and number of viewers



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#corporate 🖥

The Ask (2/2).

Your funding will bring Gnu-It to the world faster.
Your investment is appreciated. See the table for reward levels:



Social with Purpose


Gnu it.




(under construction)


Hi, this is Hayley Mooney, creator Gnu-It. I'm here to reflect on my experience in designing and pitching this idea.

First I'd like to talk about what I felt were my strengths throughout the development process:

I really loved coming up with this idea. It actually came to me while doing MET coursework. I love trying new technologies and using them in assignments, but as a newbie, I get stuck a lot. I have wasted so much time on YouTube trying to find helpful tutorials. I hate that the internet is considered a wealth of knowledge, but it's so hard to actually FIND anything useful. I dreamt of a search engine where you could be really specific about what you wanted to learn, then watch a short helpful tutorial and get back to work. Letting my creativity run wild with this idea was an excellent exercise.

Once I had the idea, it was fun to brainstorm all the features I would like to see in this dream platform.

I think the reason I enjoyed this assignment so much was that I had a passion for my idea. If this came to be, I could see it improving my life, so it was a fulfilling project to work on.

It was also entertaining to have a little fun. Based on my son asking why my logo was a 3-eyed yak, I'm guessing my branding is in need of some tweaking, but since at this point it's all theoretical, I liked going with a mom-pun for the name.

Moving on to my weaknesses,

As mentioned before, I dreamt up this idea and imagined all those great features. What I didn't really do was come up with fixed dates and what exactly I would need to do in order to get this project off the ground. I felt like I needed to keep things relatively short due to the constraints of the assignment though and didn't want to dig myself into problems that would be too complicated to answer in a short pitch.

I also felt like I was lacking in tech and business knowledge to come up with realistic numbers. If I were to present this as a true Kickstarter, I would need to dig a lot deeper with this idea and research what the tech design would really require in terms of people and start-up costs.

For the time being I liked keeping this as an idea that people could come on board with, invest in, and as funding increased, I would expand operations.

Finally, evaluating myself as an entrepreneur, I think I have the creativity and passion to be an entrepreneur. Once my idea started taking shape in my head I couldn't help but spout my elevator pitch off to anyone who would listen. I'm pretty sure my family and friends would either like this assignment to be over with or me to make millions with Gnu-it so they stop having to hear my pitch. I do think I need to be a bit more grounded though. It's all good to have crazy big ideas, but it's another to actually make them happen, so perhaps before launching a project as big as Gnu-It where I’d need a large staff of expert programmers and marketers on my team, I might start with something a bit smaller. Having seen some of the Kickstarters out there, I'm not completely dismissing the idea of trying to pitch something small that I can handle and seeing where it goes.

And that's a wrap! I really love a chance to let my creativity run free, so this venture was right up my alley. I often thought to myself as I was working on it, that why couldn't Gnu-It be a thing? I guess we'll see…

Thanks so much for watching. And with that, I'll leave you with my catchy slogan.

If the video does not open directly in this window, RIGHT CLICK on this link to open in YouTube: https://youtu.be/ee6KAAKLs3o


The Sources (1/2).

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