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My internship at

Lilian RUBEZ TC-1A

Competences I have developed

My future projects

My missions

Presentation of Super U


Monh, 202X

- 1894 by Auguste Juhel

- 1st Super U: 1972

- 750 shops in France

- La Turballe (20 kms from Saint-Nazaire)

- Mass food retail

- 50 workers > 100 employees

The company

My missions

  • Discover the general functioning of an enterprise.

  • Meeting , advising customers, taking their orders

  • Phoning suppliers and place orders

  • Met sales representative

  • Facing, merchandising or shelving

  • Flexible

  • Endure strain

  • Organized

  • Efficient

  • Independant

Skills I have developed

My future projects

  • I have appreciate this new experience.

  • I’m going to work for them again in July and August.

  • More motivate for my plans.

  • Master in business school.

  • Becoming a business manager.