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Gilbert Lucas


Sample of human creativity

Horror humanum est

5. Ressources

4. Activities

2. The Event

1. Association


3. Objective Target


Our association has a non-profit purpose. It wants to share value and to discover forms of expression of history


Our association was created by myself and in collaboration with Cédric Vilain. The head office is located in Paris. Cédric Vilain works started on Youtube. Then, after much discussion, we created an association. His name is "History is ridiculous". We deal with some specific things and aspects of history. We desacralize history to try to make it accessible to everyone with a lot of irony.


Our association have for objective to share history and problems who can find. We want a largepublic and share many things about history



The event will focus on Cédric Vilain and his own books really interesting call : Horror Humanum est. Initially, it was a web series on YouTube tracing the worst cruelties of humanity in an entertaining and historical way. It invites a very intense reflection on history. Our event will take place during Human Day 17-18-19th November 2022.

The Event

Salford is a city with a big history. There are several very interesting places and a certain diversity. Our choice will be around the Lowry theater and on Lowry’s theater,Lock 91 and some highschool. We choose this place because it can be really interesting to make a contrast between what we habe on the book and what we show. Human creativity in all art is amazing but we don’t have to forget what creative bad thigs we make on the past. We would like to make presentations at universities in Salford-Manchester. But also, in two general high schools with the support of teachers.

Principal Place

Salford is a city in the North West England region located northwest of Manchester, in the Greater Manchester conurbation. Its population at the 2001 census was 218,000. It has city status. Salford is commonly referred to as "Dirty Old Town" by the English. Some areas, such as Salford Quays and Broughton, are experiencing a revival and are revitalising the city, while others are still among the most violent and socially deprived in England.

More Information about salford


Our association has a non-profit purpose. It wants to be a bearer of value and to discover forms of expression of history

Objective Target

We want create a bridge between Youtube to the book. We want share something important. History is so important.

Mixing culture Youtube from books


history is nit linear. We show many great things but we forgot how much Human can be crual. Our goal is to show history on a grey side.

Offer a new perspective


Even in the horror of history, one can find creation. Our goal is to stimulate creation through the story acr there is so much to tell and transmit.

Stimulate creation about History



Our target audience is too touch a lot of people. We know hsitory can be hard but by an irronucal side we can understa,d a lot of things.

Our recommendation to focus on University, highschool (18 years) and all person who want debate and understand history. We want share our work and and installed why not this book in England

Target Audience :


Our association have prepare a lot of activity for this event. We will work with professional from different university.


For Highschool student, special friday with a presentation of the book by Cédric Vilain and an explanation of this work during two hours on the morning. Afternoon, drawing workshop with your history teacher 1:30 p.m – 3:30 p.m.

For end this journey, presentation of your work to Cedric Vilain, the best one will wone an exemplary of horror humanum est dedicate and some things.

Activity 1 : Friday 17th November

For the night, conference about horror of war animated by Dr Rodrick Bailey , specialist of ethics and humanities . He will be with Cedric Vilain and they will talk about this satiric book. 7:15 am to 8:30 am at Lock 91. 9 Century Street in Manchester.

3rd place who will be use : ( picture)

Saturday, opening of the exhibition about the Lowry's theatre. The docks will be as well decorated as ever, however, there will be a change with small panels from the books to unfortunately present the human sadistic creations. The exihibition will stay one week.

Saturday afternoon, we will have a reading experience with Emma Barnes, specialist on world literature and XIX century literature. She will explain the novelty and relevance of the book.

Activity 2 :Saturday 18th November

At the end, there will be a pictonnary competition about history. 6 teams will be create and you will draw an event without any words and who discover will win one points. The team with the most answer won books dedicated.

Sunday will close the day of humanity. There will be a lecture and a history writing and drawing experience with Cédric Vilain and Dr Nick Barnett, specialist of reading on contemporary history on our times. All best drawing of history will be expose during one week on the Lowry’s Gallery Theater.  

Activity 3 :Sunday 19th November



Our association has a non-profit purpose. We have find some guest and money for realize our event.


Specialist on world literature and XIX century literature

Emma Barnes, Salford

Specialist of reading on contemporary history on our times

Cedric Villain

Specialist of ethics and humanities

Author and web creator

Dr Rodrick Bailey , Oxford

Invitate People :

Dr Nick Barnett, Salford

Finacial Ressources

2. 000€


10. 019€




5% : 2,594€

Self Financing
Donation 10019€
10019 €

Book :
- Translation : 900€
- Publishing 1390€
- Exposition : 800€
Transport :
- Plane : 450€
- Taxi 390€
Location :
- Lock 91 : 1200€ (Two days)
Hotel : 340€
People guest : 2100 €
Meal and drinking : 750€
Communication :
- Press : 380€ for 2 days
- Flyers 375€
- Internet: 350
Total : 9 425€

University Manchester-Salford : 1200€
Bank of England 800€
2000 €


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