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Steele Consulting Training

Version Control

Learn version control basics. At Steele we use GIT as our version control system so we’ll be going over GIT concepts.

Goal of this presentation

What is Version Control

Version Control

Track & Manage Changes


Method of tracking and managing changes made to a code base.Allows developers to collaborate on the same codebase.

A merge brings your branch back into the parent branch.


How does git work?

Allows us to have different versions of a project at any given moment

Taking a snapshot of the project at that moment including changes you’ve staged but excluding changes that are un-staged.

Prepare files you are going to be saving to GIT




Working with a Team

Working with a team

  • GitFlow Branching Strategy
  • Remote repositories
  • Merge Conflicts


  • Many services for hosting repositories
    • GitHub
    • Azure
    • BitBucket
    • etc..
  • Repository URL
  • Push your changes
  • Pull others changes

Remote Repositories

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