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What is happening in Germany


In 1938 Germany annexed Austria. Wich cause the Jews flee to the USA. But all the Jews could not go because to the USA because there are the immigration laws, beacuse of that law there is a quoto of immigrants for each country. Also if the immigrants want to flee to the USA they have to find someone to prouve them that they want be a problem for the USA

In 1933 Hitler became the chancelor of Germany. Nazism took place in this country. Nazism was Hitler's ideology, Nazism was an Anti-Jews ideology, created by Hitler himself

In 1936 the Olympic game started in Berlin. The Americans asked themselves if they have to participate in the Olympics because the Nazis closed the olympics to the Jews, in other way they also do the same thing to they did not alowed the Africain-Americains athelets to participate in the olympis ( segragation ). But in the end they voted to participated at the Olympics.

What was happening in German before or on 1938 ?