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Many questions arise about Witches

What is it? What happened about the McCarthysm?

Why are we comparing this event to a witch hunt?

Are there still witch hunts today?




modern which






The McCarthysm is a policy of denunciation and persecution conducted in the United States for about 2 years, from 1953 to 1954. It is carried out against Communist militants and sympathizers.

The goal is therefore to hunt down the communists in a cold war context. This hunt was based on the temporary commission set up by Truman in 1946. It is responsible for investigating the loyalty of federal public servants.
In addition, since 1938, the House of Representatives has created a committee on anti-American activities (HUAC). In 1947, she decided to undertake an investigation in the film industry.

They are John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo, Lester Cole, Alvah Bessie, Albert Maltz, Ring Lardner Jr., Samuel Ornitz, Herbert Biberman, Edward Dmytryk, and Adrian Scott.

Several personalities are judged for having written scenarios with communist ideas.

Albert Maltz, one of the "Hollywood Ten"

Albert Maltz is a writer and screenwriter born October 1908 in Brooklin. He was born into a Russian Jewish family. He was one of the victims of McCarthysm. He writes an article for the New Masses Calling for more intellectual freedom within Communist Party. He appeared before the HUAC on October 28, 1947.

A witch hunt?

The formulation of the term "witch hunt" for this period was first used in 1953 by Arthur Miller, author of the Salem witches. His book is actually an allegory of McCarthysm.

Witch hunts and modern persecution

the black lives matters phenomenon and the danger of certain police controls

the persecution of Uighurs

Witch camps in africa

In several countries, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, there are still some "witch camps". These are really shelters put in place by governments to protect women who have been rejected by their communities. Initially, an event occurs : the death of a child within a family or several animals within a herd. These deaths are considered abnormal. Most accusers are often family members who refer to a woman as a "soul-eater". A priest-diviner is then called upon to confirm the accusation or not. The punitive ceremony then leads to a public punishment with insults and blows. Either witch is driven out of her village, or she is killed.

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