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Supporting the mental and physical well-being of youth workers
- International training course | 2020-3-PL01-KA105-094641

wellbeing in youth work

participant's infopack

Poland, 15-22 May 2022

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Cooperacja (www.cooperacja.pl)

Poland | Bulgaria | Czech Republic | Greece | Italy | Spain | Sweden

Where to sleepsk

participant's infopack


About the Training Course

Target group and application form


Draft ptogramme

Practical information


Dear Participants!

We hope that you are motivated and looking forward to meet other participants from this Training Course.

In some weeks we will have the opportunity to give you the warmest welcome to “Wellbeing in youth work”.

It is going to be an interesting week of work, so we need your personal commitment and involvement to reach and share as much as possible.

The possibility to meet people from other organizations, countries, with different experiences and knowledge about youth work and wellbeing, present us with a great opportunity to share, exchange, enjoy peer to peer time and to create new connections.

We are very much looking forward to share this time with you!

about the training course

The training event consists of 6 training days and 2 travel days.

Within this time we will be working on overcoming the difficulties of professional burnout in youth work, finding new motivation and ways to recharge energies.

The Training Course program includes both group and individual work. The methodology used in this TC activity is based on Non-Formal Education, creating a laboratory and a place of experimentation. The working methods are dynamic and participant centred. So, the more actively you participate, the more fruitful and tailored the Training will be.

Topics to cover: Wellbeing in youth work, Mindfullness, Alternative methods for wellbeing promotion of youth work, Coaching and mentoring, Psychology basics on youth work, Psychology support in youth work, Physical activity for wellbeing.

Target group and application form

Youth workers, educators, pedagogyes, youth leaders, project coordinstors (3 people per country), with the following characteristics:
- age 18+;
- workers with influence and understanding/experience in work with young people;
- actively involved in NGO work;
- interested in the topic and willing to spread and implement the knowledge from the TC afterwards in their work or in the organizations;
- aware of the reality of youth work and young people's needs;
- motivated to gain knowledge, attitudes and new skills in the topic to deliver to the local reality and have impact at local level;
- open to develop partnerships and create future networks, as well as engaged during all phases in the project – implementation, visibility and follow-up;
- GOOD English level to communicate and express themselves;
- committed during all the working process;
- willing to contribute for youth work improvement.

if the above description applies to you, please sign up via the online form here:


Practical information

What to bring?

We kindly ask you to bring:


The working language will be English

Safety issues

We ask you to bring your European health insurance, and COVID certificate


Before you pack, check out the current weather forecast

Meeting point

Świebodzin Train Station


In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you must collect the required documents







Please bring with you:

  • comfortable clothing and footwear (if the weather is favorable, activities will be held outside)
  • energy and motivation

English will be the working language of the Training Course, but the important thing is to communicate whatever it is and to keep a safe environment. The most important thing it's the will and the motivation, not certificates etc.

Participants are required to follow the current rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently (as of March 2022), individuals entering Poland must present a covid passport or a negative antigen test done no later than 48 hours prior to arrival in Poland.

Knowing the current entry rules is the responsibility of the participants as they may differ for each of the countries participating in the training.

In addition, participants are required to purchase their own appropriate insurance to cover costs associated with e.g. hospitalization, prolonged stay due to participant's isolation in case of COVID-19 infection and rescheduling of return to their country.

Regarding the safety issues of the participants related to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we would like to inform you that Poland is safe and its membership in NATO provides a guarantee of its territorial integrity.

We suggest that you take a flight either to Poznań or Berlin.

From both cities there are direct trains to Świebodzin

  • from POZNAŃ GŁÓWNY to ŚWIEBODZIN the train takes one hour,
  • from BERLIN to ŚWIEBODZIN - two hours

Our meeting point on the 15th of May will be Świebodzin train station, from where we will take you in two rounds of buses directly to the place where the training will take place (Darnawa village, 13 km away from Świebodzin).

Departure times of the buses will be given closer to the event, after gathering information from all participants about their arrival times to Świebodzin.

Świebodzin train station:


Participants from each country have a specific limit for travel expenses. This limit is in line with the distance calculator approved by the European Commission.

The amount indicated in the distance calculator will be reduced by the cost of transfer from the train station in Świebodzin to the village where the training will take place and back (approximately 20 EUR).

Due to this reduction, the limits for travel expenses for the given countries are as follows:

  • Bulgaria - 255 EUR per person
  • Czech Republic - 160 EUR per person
  • Greece - 255 EUR per person
  • Italy - 255 EUR per person
  • Spain - 340 EUR per person
  • Sweden - 255 EUR per person

In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, participants will need to complete a reimbursement form and attach to it:

  • local transport tickets (for exapmle bus to and from the airport, train within Poland etc.)
  • boarding passes
  • invoices and receipts for the above tickets

The more documents confirming the trip and the costs you have spent, the better. So do not throw away any tickets or receipts. Without them we will not be able to reimburse you for your travel expenses.

Important! The organizer will reimburse the money to the indicated account number of the participant after providing the original documents. Travel in business class and 1st class is not refundable.


The training will be held in agritourism Skotopaska, which settled in a former German farm in a small village Darnawa located near Świebodzin. Darnawa is a village to which you have to come on purpose - here the road ends.

Nearby (10 km) there is one of the biggest water reservoirs of Pojezierze Lubuskie, Niesłysz lake. The area is also full of forests, where you can hike or ride a bike. It is a perfect area for anglers, mushroom pickers, walkers, or anyone looking for undisturbed rest, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Guests are offered with free of charge terraces, garden furniture (deck chairs, hammocks, rocking chairs), Nordic walking poles, bicycles and more!

Please visit skotopaska agritourism profile on slowhop to see more photos and details:


Draft programme