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Replacing written discussion boards with a Flipgrid response gives students the chance to have real, authentic conversations and discussions, instead of typing just to meet the word count requirement.

With many courses asking students to go apply their learning in the community, Flipgrid allows instructors a glimpse into those real experiences. Students can share video of their project and reflections as they occur.

Giving scholars the chance to record class presentations in Flipgrid provides an inclusive learning environment with evidence of learning that can be referred back to at a later date.

Podcasts are being implemented in more classrooms with the rise of technology. Using Flipgrid's "mic only" mode is a perfect way to record podcast segments that can be used later in the course.

With the ability to record :15 second to 10 minutes, this is an all-in-one platform to record chunked instructional content for your course! Share your screen, upload documents as stickers or attachments- the sky is the limit!

With everyone having access to a smartphone, interviews of professionals or community members can be mobile! Using Flipgrid to conduct interviews allows the instructor to securely manage this information while providing access to all.

Sometimes higher education can be difficult to navigate. Faculty can use Flipgrid as a more personal version of an email or check-in. Sometimes, human connection is what makes all the difference in someone's life.