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Two chocolates dome

By Malo


-200 grams of white chocolate
-200 grams of black chocolate
-1 shortbread
-60 grams of sugar
-1 salt pinsh
-6 eggs


-Baking pan
-3 Bowl
- Cookie cuter
- Electrik whisk
- Pasty brush
- Whisk


Melt the white chocolate, then spride white chocolate with pastry brush in the baking pan.Put in the

1st stage

Make ascand a white eggs with the électric whisk, add one salt pinch.

2sd stage

Put the yelow eggs in a other bowl, add the sugar, the black chocolate and the white in snaw. Mix with the wishk.

Melt the black choccolate. Then put the white eggs in the bowl.

Cut the short bread with the cookie cuter, then put in the oven prep 302 degres fahrenheit durring 12 minuts. Put the chocolate mousse in the dome then put the circle short bread. Put 2 hours in fridge.Turn.

It's ready.

3sd stage