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Welcome to Sydney in
Australia !

Let’s discover the land of kangaroos !

a red kangaroo

a kiwi

a hart

a peacock

a dromedary

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Australian animals and species


lives in Australia

don't lives in Australia

a shark


Lives in Australia

  • a red kangaroo (un kangourou roux)
  • a kiwi (un oiseau Kiwi)
  • a shark (un requin)

Don't lives in Australia

  • a dromedary (un dromadaire)
  • a hart (un cerf)
  • a peacock (un paon)

Licoln Memorial

Christ the Redeemer

Gan Gan Loukout

Queen Victoria Building

Chichen Itza

historic buildings and Australian monuments


In Australia

Not in Australia

Sydney opera


In Australia

  • Sydney opera
  • Queen Victoria Building
  • Gan Gan Lookout

Not in Australia

  • Licoln Memorial (Etats-unis)
  • Christ the Redeemer (Brésil)
  • Chichen itza (Mexique)


Frog legs

The palvola

The Tim Tam

beef Bourgignon

Chicken parmigiana

typical meals


Australian meal

not an australian meal


Typical Australian meals

Australian meals

  • Chicken parmigiana
  • The Tim Tam
  • The palvola

Not a australian meal

  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Sushis
  • Frog legs

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