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In 1938, there was the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. This is the anschluss.

1939_1940 :

France declares war on Germany on 3 SEPTEMBER 1939.

Marshal Pétain, who became head of the government, signed the armistice on 22 June 1940. France is cut in two by a demarcation line which separates the occupied zone - the North and the Atlantic coast - from the "free zone" in the South. France was occupied in the northern part of the country.

Refusing defeat, General de Gaulle, who had taken refuge in London, launched the call to resistance on 18 June 1940.

1935 :

In 1935, Germany established the Nuremberg Laws against Jews, limiting their rights. They were not allowed to have relations with non-Jews and to exercise certain professions.

These laws defined Jews as foreigners and a dangerous race.

1936_1938 :

Trials are held between 1936 and 1938 against enemies of the regime.


In 1939, there was the annexation of Poland by Nazi Germany, which triggered the Second World War. Britain and France then declared war on Nazi Germany.

1936 :

In 1936, when it was Germany's turn to host the Olympic Games, Hitler banned Jews from participating.

America questions its participation.

1941 :

Germany declares war on the USSR. The "Final Solution", the systematic extermination of European Jews, is implemented. n June 1941, after the invasion of the USSR, the Einsatzgruppen are charged with executing Jews. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were massacred.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews were massacred.

1945 :

Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin. Then, on 8 May 1945, the Nazis capitulated.

1933 :

In January 1933, Hitler came to power and was appointed Chancellor.

He came to power with bad intentions.

He creates a dictatorship and control of the population.

His regime is racist and anti-Semitic.

All political parties are banned, except the Nazi party.

Concentration camps are set up from 1933 to eliminate political enemies of the regime in Nazi Germany, homosexuals and the disabled.