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Presentation of a dead American singer

DMX is a american rap artist named Earl Simmons, born on december 18th 1970 in the state of New York. In the same state, he died on April 9th 2021.

Before his death, he was hospitalized following a heart attack.

Who is DMX ?

He released 8 albums and whose the last "Exodus" which is released after his death and his song, the most famous, is surely "X gon' give it to ya" of his album "Grand Champs"

his albums ?

In his youth, his father left his family then DMX went to boarding scool. He adopted a dog that died, shot by a policeman at the age of nine. He lived on the street and in the theft. That's why in his songs there is a lot of violence.

His life

He released a posthumous songs. He was a great artist and he made many good musics.