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1ère diapo à texte : Today, we will present our project on eco-friendly home for people in need. It is made of recycled materials, inexpensive and suitable for any type of person (mainly for people in need). We have created our website to be present all over the world.

2ème diapo à texte : These little houses are made of recycled material. First of all, they are mainly made of larch wood. We chose this wood for its many characteristics, it has a very high resistance to humidity, it does not need to be maintained and its colour brings a warm look to the house.

3ème diapo à texte : In the living room, we find a small kitchen, a sofa bed, a small dining table with one/two chairs and a TV hanging on the wall. A library is also set up on the wall. On the remaining spaces are placed flowers and plants that depollute in order to keep a bit of nature with you and to fully preserve the idea of ecology.

There are obviously curtains on the windows to keep the client’s privacy.

Heating is managed by geothermal energy. A heat pump is used to draw energy from the ground and heat the house.

A garden is available on the roof, so small plants and flowers that do not need much maintenance are planted before the arrival of the client. He doesn’t have to take care of it, nature will!

4ème diapo à texte : cedar shingle roof, resists moisture, does not rot, not sensitive to wind, cheap

The house will also be brightly lit. Large windows are arranged in order to have maximum daylight and only use light from the setting sun.

A bathroom is available, it contains: toilet, shower and faucet. The water used is recycled and filtered rainwater in order to reuse it for our clients' hygienic goods.

5ème diapo à texte: The new EcoPRO house is a built and thought-out house for the homeless, small, eco-friendly, which uses almost no energy. We will set up several aisles of these houses to accommodate as many needy people as possible. Associations cover the cost of food.