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St. Patrick's Day

17th March, 2022

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3) The St. Patrick's Day origin

4) The St. Patrick's Day activity

5) Every symbol of Luck and Legend about them !

St patrick origin

It was in Boston, in 1737, that the Irish immigrants to the United States, after the famine in Ireland, began to celebrate this bank holidays. Since then, parades, festivities and Celtic music have been held all over the world every 17 March, and on this day green is the order of the day.

Some legends also say that the colour green refers to Ireland's nickname, 'the Emerald Isle', because of its green landscape.

St. Patrick's Day activity

Every symbol of Luck and Legend

about them !

In a sermon at the Rock of Cashel, he is said to have explained the Trinity to the Celts through the three-lobed plant. Indeed, the clover would be the image of God: a single plant with three lobes, representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is more likely that the rarity of the four-leaf clover has made its reputation as a good luck charm. In nature, there is only a one in 10,000 chance of finding one with four leaflets, an anomaly caused by a genetic mutation.

The symbolism of the horseshoe : The horseshoe is one of the oldest symbols of protection! A source of good omens, is positive reputation is due to two characteristics: its material, iron, which is supposed to repel malevolent spirits, and its crescent moon shape, a Roman good luck charm called a lunula.

According to legend, the Leprechaun hides a treasure in his cauldron and whoever manages to capture him can make him confess the location of the hiding place. But beware, catching a Leprechaun won't make you find the treasure, as the Leprechaun is very clever and will do anything to protect his gold coins.

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St. Patrick's Day

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