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Our Master's Degree in Insurance Law !

  • 3 years of study.

  • 23 students selected.

  • 1 year of theory.

  • 2 years of practice punctuated by :



The different subjects we study and what they consist of !

Civil Liability

  • French Civil Code, Article 1240

  • This insurance covers any damage
or harm that you may cause to others.

  • 2 types of civil liability :

Contractual liability
Tortious liability

Personal Insurance


  • Protects individuals against the hazard of their lives.

  • Several types of personal insurance :

  • Occupys 3/4 of the French Insurance market.

  • Allows a better understanding of the risks that can affect humanity.


Construction Insurance

  • French Civil Code, article 1792 and following, from the Spinetta Law of 1978

  • A specific liability regime, regarding the owner and the builder

  • Distinguishing between the compulsory insurance and the optional insurances

Property Insurance


  • Covers material goods against accidents, fires, thefts, vandalism and other involuntary damages caused by weather or natural disasters.

  • Material goods like your home or your car or even your company.

  • Contributes directly to the sustainability of economic activity and the safeguarding of the heritage of individuals.

The different jobs we can get after our degree and what they consist in !

  • The damage-work guarantee is compulsory.

  • The building owner wich mean the one who is building his house or doing major renovations must take out this insurance.

  • It is an insurance based on the pre-financing system : If the conditions are met, the insured is compensated and then an action is brought against the builder's insurer.


Buildings damage insurance at SMA BTP

Study the Insurance Claim

Contact the experts

Study the supporting documents provided for the appeals

  • A broker is an insurance intermediary. He negotiates insurance contracts for the client (the conditions of coverage) and accompanies him in the realization of the risk, the object of the contract, and in the steps to be taken in case of a claim.

  • After the claim has been made :


Automobile Fleet Departement at Filhet-Allard.

Determine the responsibilities of the different parties involved in the traffic accident

Study the expert report

Negociate with the company to obtain the best possible compensation for our client

  • A legal procedure allowing an insurer, who has paid the insurance indemnity, to request refund from the person responsible for the damage (or his insurer) up to the amount of this indemnity.

  • To exercise a subrogation in Insurance, several steps must be followed:


Subrogation recourse service for property damage at AXA

Identify the third party and prove its involvement in the occurrence of the damage.

Identify the insurance company of the responsible third party.

It is necessary to have proof of subrogation.

  • The production of contrats is the main aim of a broker, after the duty of information. We don't treat with the claimant, but we deal between the policy holder and the underwritter.

  • The construction departement supports both requests of a client who is going to build a structure, and the special request of the architects.

Civil Liability and Construction Departement at Filhet-Allard.


More jobs ...

  • Insurance Lawyer : Provides legal advices when clients have legal questions related to an insurance claim.

  • Claims-manager / Claims-negociator = Involved in managing a claim from the start through the settelement, making decisions on the extent and validity of the claim, and checking for any potentiel fraudulent acitivity.

  • Claim adjuster / Expert = Observes and quantifies the damages.

  • Broker = A professional who represents consumers in their search for the best policy for their needs.

  • Agent = A professional who sells an insurance company’s products to consumers for a commission .

Final exams

  • Most of the final exams are orals, quizzes and practical cases.

  • They take place in september.

  • A tutored project during the second year of the master.


  • The insured or policy holder.
  • Insurance.
  • A broker.
  • A claimant.
  • A claim adjuster (Expert).
  • Civil liability.
  • Accident.
  • Natural disaster.
  • Hazard
  • Required / Compulsory Insurance.
  • To suscribe.

  • Fire.
  • Flood.
  • Disablement.
  • Medical malpratice.
  • Theft.
  • Broken glass.
  • A contract.
  • A damage.
  • Required/Compulsory Insurance.
  • Fault.
  • A refund.
  • ....

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