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The witch hunt

17th Century in New England

20th Century in the USA


Modern with hunt

It was in 1950, during the Cold War period, that an anti-communist movement was born. McCarthyism appeared during this period.

Puritanism was born in New England from 1630. The goal of this religious current is to purify the English church.

Today, witch hunts are still present. They take the name of genocide and do thousands or millions of victims.

The genocide of the Jews.

One of the best known is the genocide of the Jews. Indeed, during the 2nd World War, millions of deaths were recorded in the Jewish population. They were killed by the Nazis. These people were tracked down in a large number of countries and then killed in concentration and extermination camps. These facts happened very recently and are one of the greatest crimes against humanity.


During the Cold War in the United States, McCarthyism appeared. Between 1950 and 1954, a witch hunt took place against American communists.

Who is McCarthy ?

This man has drawn up a list with people belonging to the communist party. Movie stars, directors or screenwriters have been on the Hollywood blacklist. They are the Hollywood ten.

Joseph McCarthy was an American politician. He was a member of the Republican Party. He is the man who developed the witch hunt in the United States during the Cold War with McCarthyism.

The Hollywood ten...

the convictions...

  • Alvah Bessie
  • Herbert Biberman
  • Lester Cole
  • Edward Dmytryk
  • Ring Lardner Jr
  • John Howard Lawson
  • Albert Maltz
  • Samuel Ornitz
  • Adrian Scott
  • Dalton Trumbo

Blacklisting these men has a big impact on their lives. Indeed, many could no longer work. they had to pay a fine and go to prison. Some men have managed to work in Hollywood using another name. Despite this, they lost a lot of money. Some had to wait until 1965 for their name to appear in films.

What is Puritanism ?



What was forbidden




All About the Puritan New England Colonies

A current that spread to the USA in the 17th century...

➡ Strict moral code

➡ The forest, more particulary at night

➡ Concept of predestination

➡ Unbreakable marriage

➡ To believe in the same religion and pray

➡ Marriage is recommanded

➡ Puritans found spiritual meaning

➡ Had to dress in dark colors

➡ Physical and social pleasures

➡ Adultery

➡ Witchcraft

➡ Pact with devil

➡ Anglican Church

➡ No colorful clothes

➡ Fashionables accessories

➡ Dancing

➡ Holidays celebrations

➡ Public sham

➡ Death

➡ Burnt

➡ Humiliation

➡ Drowned

➡ Imprisonment

The Salem trial...