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The adventure of a civic education clil class!

Going places





  • We explored Cerea with curious eyes
  • We took pics of unnoticed walls
  • We added personal notes on our snapshots
  • We came up with an amaziong slideshow

Our project


Discover the walls around Cerea




Think different


Walls separate, divide, keep us apart, set up boundaries, but they can also connect people, they protect and split. This wall watches, observes, thus becoming an unaware witness of human ups and downs.

We are always busy and dragged into the hustle and bustle of life, we keep going relentless without even noticing people walking besides us. I was walking, as usual, and suddenly I looked up to watch, nature, the houses, the streets, the alleys of my hometown, the trails leading in the outskirts.So unaware, I found myself along a narrow,abandoned alley, in the middle of nowhere,very far from the city center. It was dusk, a dull wintery afternoon, and I let myself got carried away with the desire to explore without a real destination in mind. It was in that exact moment that I noticed old walls, worn out by bad weather, dry leaves everywhere, cracks and dust, stones and gravel, forgotten shreds of humanity.Memories and relics from the past, unaware witnesses of a past, dead life for the great majority, but still alive for me!

Alessandro Zorzella

This wall is falling into pieces but in some of its parts still intact. This is the wall of a gate; in its holes you can see dry leaves, dust and mold because of bad weather and rain. You can see crumbling bricks. This wall was covered in concrete to protect it from bad weather but after so many years it has been ruined. He has experienced a lot of adventures: a past war, traces of cattle and bad wether condiitons.

Jacopo Fazion

This is the wall of an old house near the church of San Vito Martire, very close to my house. When I go on a ride bike and see it, I can't help but stare at it. It suggests ideas of sadness, discomfort and abandonment. If the small, falling apart house were inhabited, the windows would not be closed.

Lorenzo Olivieri


When you walk past this wall you may wonder why there is a white stripe just in the center it, while all the walls are brown. one day I was walking and I asked this question to myself. I could not find an answer. Many people judge a wall only from the surface . It thus doesn't appear as perfect as they want it to be, but every wall, every school, every place we visit and go to has a story to tell. We should listen to it and understand it because this wall is perfect as it is, with its strengths and also in its scratches, whether small or large. This is the wall of an old school.

Isabella Dusi


My photo represents a faucet. It sticks to the wall. Every now and then the it leaks water and indeed a cup has been placed beneath it. The cup is a bit rusty as it has been there for many years. I really like this wall because it looks clean on the top while everything is mouldy on the bottom.

Elisa Consadori


This graffiti gives me a sense of freedom, of lighthearted sensation as if this skateboard with wings could take me everywhere, even if it is impossible to reach. I honestly don't reckon this wall as a barrier, but a symbolic wall, where everyone can draw whatever he wants and whatever he thinks. This is what I think of it. Other people might consider it as a wall that protects, a wall that supports or even just a simple wall.

Aurora Bersan


The walls sometimes speak more than we think, we consider them as objects, but in truth they can tell many different stories, stories that have different meanings. They express something different for each of us. The walls echo messages that inspire us with emotions, sensations. They are sometimes abandoned and forgotten. It is up to us to try to rediscover their true meaning.

Aurora Scarmagnan

I call this a shy wall. If you look at it from another perspective, you can imagine that the outer wall (the gray one) looks like the shell of a shy person and the bricks represent her way of trying to open up to other people and try to make friends. This is a wall that tells us a story.

Edoardo Merlin

This wall suggests how important food is.

The background of the wall is gray on the top and orange on the bottom. It is a graffiti from the popular author CIBO.

This wall tells us a story. Joshua Manfrè

One day, while I was walking through the streets of my town, I came across this wall. I had never noticed the presence of this pipe before, even though it must have been there for a long time. The pipe is battered and the wall is very old, worn out by weather. The wall and the pipe make me think of two old friends who supports each other in difficult times. The white painting strengthens their union, and they seem like dear old friends despite time. Their friendship deepens day by day.

Ye Rou Jing

We can walk past this bench every day, but we never look closely at it. When I saw it, a red light was cast and made it stand out. That's when I noticed it. This bench reminds me of fear, but at the same time of happiness for its pink colour and for the shadow of a woman.

Elena Grigoli

I was walking along this street and my attention was drawn by this garage and the mural on it. It was painted on a wall to show people how deep love can be. It can also refer to love as an obstacle between two people who love each other but quarrel for stupid reasons. It is an unnoticed spot, because the drivers pass by without paying attention to it. This wall gives me an idea of love as a state of mind, body and spirit.
Sofia Merlin

You won’t easily notice this wall because of its position. I have always imagined it as nothing more than an old police station. I have never walked around the walls of this building: it is an old red brick wall, with two doors and two logos above each door. The wall overlooks a football field. You could wonder why the two logos are in that position and what is the meaning of the writings “Veloce Qub, (club) 1883” . What do they want to tell us ?.I asked myself this question and I got this answer: the “Veloce Club, 1883” is a cycling amateur sports team. This wall makes me think ofme happiness and nostalgia for the all the moments spent while practising together.

Giulia Rudella

this wall represents a group of people who try to resemble each other in order not to be judged or excluded,and who have no ideas of their own, all dressed in the same way, thus losing their nature but when we are ourselves with people they judge us like this thinking we are wrong

This wall represents a group of people trying to look like the same in order not to be judged or excluded by others and who have no ideas of their own, all dressed in the same way, thus losing their own way of being. But remember that you can't always tell a book by its cover.

Malak Belalia

This wall tells us a story: the idea of reconquering a lost place, worn out by bad weather and time. People seem not to give it much importance, maybe hoping that one day, some curious eyes will understand its story.

Larissa Merlin

This wall rapresents two lovers kissing and not caring about the people who may look and judge them. Filippo Luchetti.

This wall makes me think of people who have been beaten by a group of bullies since they were children. They have been waiting many years to take revenge, and now the day has come. They gather together in the city center to scream their names, to find them. After a long period they finally find the guilty one and decide to take revenge. Zyiad Hajbi

This wall represents a small, abandoned house, worn out by bad weather. The box hanging on the wall is old and rotten. This small house makes me think of a past that will never come back.

Francesco Pasquato

This picture represents a wall made of wooden bars look like barriers. Beyond this wall there is a huge field. It is covered in dust and mold.

Merlin Leonardo

The walls tell us about memories, emotions, ideas .

When I look at this wall, I can see the traces of an old window, not present anymore. It was a symbol of life, because a person used to live there.

Now the wall shows sadness and solitude of a past that closed the door to the future.

Mattia Milanese

The tree of solitude

I choose to take a pict of this tree because it reminds me so much of loneliness and sadness. In our everyday life you must always be happy for the beautiful things that exist in winter I identify myself with a bare tree and in summer with beautiful flowers and fruit. the wall behind the tree is worn out by weather, with brown spots.

Angelica Alberti

An old stable

This is an old stable that was used about twenty years ago. It was used to breed pigs. This wall was built of orange bricks. You can see the old, rusty locks on the doors.Now it has been converted into a place to store gardening tools.

Edoardo Bertolini