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men im concerningly


  • geboren 26.02.1996
Wassermann (in the most obvious way)
  • Mitglied der Kpop Gruppe Monsta x
  • Rapper aber kann singen wie ein Engel
  • Fleißig (hustling real hard you know how it is no cap)
  • precious realtionship with his scientist dad
  • Aufgewachsen in Amerika und Israel
  • Spirit Animal: Cat

Im ChangKyun

who is thisbeautiful man?

  • prefers outside
  • Daniel
  • Introvert
  • prays before eating
  • donated first paycheck to church und payed back his parents
  • no spicy food
  • this man likes whiskey A LOT

Yoo KiHyun

Who is this smol man

  • geboren 1993
Sagi/ Scorpio Cusp
  • Main Vocalist of the century
  • Mom of the group
  • precious relationship with Kyuns scientist dad
  • Persönlicher Photograph der Group
  • Spirit Animal: Hamster

  • Koch der gruppe ( basically a frat house)
  • always cleaning
  • fav song "Merry go round" aus howels moving castle
  • memeber der Big Three Finger Flicker der Kpop industrie (jimin, onew)
  • non snoring dorm
  • Nose scrunch

Kyun being a Aqarius

  • Dedicated (verbringt ganze Wochenenden in seinem studio (wo er seine Whiskey Kollektion hortet))
  • schreibt seine songs gerne drunk für den VIBE
  • aesthetic eboy persona to hide his soft spot
  • wirkt kalt durch eher logisches denken
  • fühlt Melancholie anders
  • Hatte eine Emo Phase

in the most obvious way

Kiki being a Sagi Sorpio Cusp

  • very ramontic
  • venus in scrorpio (rip)
  • intense and strong presence wenn er in seinem element ist
  • anger issues
  • versteck seine emotionen nicht (Facaial expresseion)

in the most obvious way

can you tell who is cat and who is Kyun???

  • not giving one single fuck
  • will bite you
  • just look at him

wer hamster wer Kiki???

  • fluffy
  • smol
  • lowkey aggresive

being prolematic

Trigger warning:

  • PPAP
  • hot men


cant defend kiki at this point

Would rather eat curry flavored poop instead of poop flavored curry

Pours milk before cereal

thought this pen was a spoon and ate with it

EMO Kyun

Because this need its own page

  • Phone always on vibrate mode
  • named his airpods "Fuck my Ears"
  • liebt kerzen
  • does not like MBTI
  • Saufen <3
  • Melancholie <333333333
  • Rosen
  • can be highkey shy
  • treat him wrong = will make you cry

Feminist Kihyun

probaply what made me fall for him because my

standard is THat low

  • Donating around 7.437 euro
  • tells fans to stand up for themselves when treated wrong
  • just look at the Beispiele

honorable mentions


  • ari stan
  • smal
  • only leo i will tolarate :(
  • boobs
  • knows how to threat women right
  • just so sweet im melting help

  • adopted cats
  • dancingskills cleaner than Kihyuns room
  • scary
  • but actually very sweet
  • would still not dare to fight him tho
  • the member all the lesbians love
  • bad bitch

Linooo LInoooo


Lee know



was this a cry for help? maybe idk tell me