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you will discover the discovery of the uraline thanks to Michel

The story of Michel and his glass

living in Franche-Comté, he traveled to Czechoslovakia

When the waiter brought him his whiskey he noticed that the color of the glass was more of a green hue. He called out to her and questioned her on where the glass came from.

He went to the place indicated by the waiter and bought a tea service.

Professor Oup

  • the glass is called uraline

  • its discovery dates back to antiquity

  • Its color varies from yellow to green

  • contains a radioactive substance: uranium

  • radiation at a level slightly above naturally occurring radioactivity, although most are considered harmless.

  • only people transporting these would be most exposed

  • proportion of uranium : from 0.1 to 2% of the weight

  • even to knowing radioactivity, people continues to buy uraline

  • invested with an "almost supernatural light"

  • its products containing radium rather uranum that are dangerous

  • essort between 1880 and 1920

  • a stop during the secong world war : confiscation of the stock of uranium

  • biggest producer : Josef Riedel

  • nowadays : some manifacturers perpetuate the tradition but food use seems to be banned

  • new use found in the scientific field

Michel is tired and goes to bed, he is happy with his dicovery and falls asleep being less stupid.

And you'll be like him tonight !