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Séquence 5: Is Science fiction becoming reality?


COmpétences de la séquence



Durant la séquence tu vas :

-Acquérir du vocabulaire sur le thème de la science-fiction
-Parler d'Intelligence Artificielle
-Découvrir Stephen Hawkings
-T'exprimer au futur
-T'exprimer au conditionnel
-Parler de la réalité virtuelle


Is virtual reality better than reality ?

Look at the picture.

-What type of doc is it?
-Describe the picture with as many details as possible
-Imagine what the story is about. When is it taking place ?


Watch the video and:

-Describe the environment of the character. What kind of world does he live in?
-Imagine what may have happened for the world to be like this.

-Explain what he does everyday
-Define what the OASIS is. Why does he "go there" ?

Oral Comprehension

Oral Expression

Do you think our future is going to be like this?

-In my opinion...
-I think...because...
-For me...

-I disagree with...
-On the contrary I
think that...

Oral Expression

How to debate ?

-In my opinion...
-I think...because...
-For me...
-To my mind...

-I disagree with...
-On the contrary, I think that...
-Contrary to... I believe that...

Verbes d'opinion

Exprimer un désaccord

Ajouter une idée

-Firstly / First of all / Secondly...
-One the one hand... one the other hand...
-Last but not least...

Exprimer un accord

-I agree with...
-This is a good point
-I totally agree


Artificial intelligence : progress or thrEAT ?

Look at these pictures. What do they have in common?

Give your opinion about it. Debate.

Hanson Robotics, Sophia (2016) BigDog, Boston Dynamics (2005)
Hong Kong

Siri, Iphone (2010)


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : progress or threat?

-How does this robot look?

-Imagine the purpose of this

CE : Now read the article and discover what it's about.


YOur task !

Written Expression

Imagine a new robot with new functionalities for the future. Explain what it will be able to do, explain how it works. Say why it will be revolutionnary !

Illustrate your product.
Be creative.


Robots vs humans

-Look at the title of this document.

-What type of document is it?

-Imagine what the subject is.

Workbook: do the activities p.67

Written Comprehension


Grammaire : TO vs FOR

TO exprime le but. Il est toujours suivi d'une base verbale.
ex: Robots can be used to cook.

FOR exprime également le but. En revanche il est toujours suivi d'un nom.
ex: Robots can be used for surgery.


Robots vs humans

Give your opinion and compare humans and robots. What are the pros and cons? Use examples from the text and think of other examples.



Robots can...
Robots are more...
Robots have more...

Humans can...
Humans are more...
Robots have more...




-Comparatif de supériorité : MORE + ADJ LONG + THAN + N (=plus que)
ex: Robots are more intelligent than humans.

-Comparatif d'égalité : AS + ADJ + AS + N (autant que)
ex: Humans are as smart as robots.

-Comparatif d'infériorité : LESS + ADJ + THAN + N (moins que)
NOT AS + ADJ + AS + N (pas aussi que)


YOur task !

Oral Expression

For or against robots ?
This is 2084. Your and your siblings want your parents to buy the latest
robot to help everyone in the house. Your parents don't want to.
Convince them !

-méthodo du débat

-lexique des robots
-expression du but
-prédictions avec will
-hypothèses avec would
et could