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In Germany, Adolf Hitler, in 1933 was appointed chancellor of Germany following a series of electoral victories by the Nazi Party.

Adolf Hitler


Despite this, the University's 1933 yearbook heavily featured swastikas, the feared symbol synonymous with the Nazi Third Reich. ... Many Native American tribes throughout the Mississippi River Valley historically used the swastika to decorate objects like clothing and pottery before Hitler's ascension to power.

The year 1938: the height of regional conflicts before the Second World War. In 1938, while Adolf Hitler's ambitions changed the face of Europe, nationalists gained ground in Spain.

The German Occupation of Poland In October 1939, Germany directly annexed former Polish territories along German's eastern border: West Prussia, Poznan (Poznań), Upper Silesia, and the former Free City of Danzig.

Concentration Camps

Nazi concentration camps are large detention centres created by the Third Reich from 1933 until the end of de Seconc World War, And kill politicial opponents, residents of a conquered country.