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Rosvelt was elected president

Hitler was elected chancelor

olympic games in berlin




annexation of australia

In 1933, Hitler was elected chancelor, The Nazis grows bigger. He betrayed the Versaille treaty.

He imposed his racist ideologis to the German people.

In 1936, there were the Olympics Games of Berlin but the Nazis were already present and, there was segregation in the United States. So the Nazis closed the Olympics Games to the Jews. Then, the United States asked their American Africans athletes to protest against it. in the end, the Americans voted to participate to the Olimpics Games and they win ( but nothing change about the situation)

Roosevelt was the United States president, elected in 1933. He doesn't want to be involved in European affairs. He doesn't agree with the Nazi ideology.

In 1938, the Germany annexed the Austria. Jews fails to flee to the United States because of their immigration laws : the immigrants have to have someone on the inside ( of USA). Also, there is a quota of immigrants for each contry. Germany's quota is 27,000 people per year and there are more Jewish people than places available.