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What is happening in Europe in 1938 ?





In 1933 ,there is a person , whose name is Hitler he was elected a chancellor.

Five years after coming to power in Europe in 1933, Hitler continues to implement his policy. Discrimination against Jews and Austria was annexed on March 13

Britain, France and Italy agree to let Germany share Czechoslovakia. Nazis destroy Jewish shops, homes and synagogues in Kristallnacht riots September 28-30 and sent to concentration camps.

In 1934, a coup attempt was carried out by the Austrian Nazis. Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss is assassinated, but the coup fails

On March 11, 1938, Adolf Hitler demanded the resignation of the new Austrian Chancellor, Kurt von Schuschnigg, when the latter wanted to organize a plebiscite on the maintenance of Austrian independence.

Deprived of all external support, von Schuschnigg resigned.

In Spain, the war between republicans and nationalists continues to rage betwen 1936 and 1939.

Between July 25 and November 16, 1938, it was the last major Republican offensive, but it was a tactical and strategic failure that precipitated the end of the war. The year also ends with a Francoist offensive in Catalonia.

In September 15, 1938, Adolf Hitler annexed the Sudetes region, then part of Czechoslovakia.

In the night of September 29 to 30,1938,The Munich agreements are signed in Germany to avoid war.

They close the Conference of Four, meeting on the initiative of the Italian leader Benito Mussolini to peacefully settle the conflict between Adolf Hitler and Czechoslovakia

In late October of 1938, the Nazi regime arrested 17,000 Jews with Polish citizenship who were living in the German Reich.

The Jews were then expelled and transported violently to the Polish border.

This forced expulsion, designated the polenaktion (Polish Action) in German, was the first mass deportation of Jews from the German Reich.