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eTwinning projectIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Jana Pawła II, Łuków2021/2022

Stages of project implementation

At the end of the project, both students and teachers completed an evaluation questionnaire and shared their opinion on the implementation of individual tasks. Details on the evaluation can be found on the Twinspace platform.


The tasks concerned the presentation of the positive and negative impact of modern technology on society, conscious analysis of internet content, and the use of digital technology to promote an ecological lifestyle.

Execution of tasks

The organization of the work consisted in gathering an international project group, setting the goal and schedule of activities. Meetings of project coordinators from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey were held online.


Green influencers

Sustainable atmosphere at school

Greenwashing under scrutiny

Green netiquette

Project tasks

Green digitalisation

Green digitalization

Each school created a poster that featured 'green digitization'. Then all the suggestions were put together in one collaborative poster.

Green influencers

Studens were to create a public Instagram account in which they informed about living green in regard to chosen topic: green cooking, clothing, transport, technology, cosmetics, reducing plastic waste and saving energy.

Sustainable atmosphere at school

'Green' pieces of advice for teenagers addicted to:

  • the Internet,
  • a smartphone,
  • computer games,
  • social media.

The newsletter with articles about Greenwashing. It was created thanks to the cooperation of the entire project group.

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