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UNV Learning Programmes for UN Volunteers

UN Volunteer

We all share responsibility for your learning and development

Host Entity

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UNV programme

Your Host Entity's responsibilities are:

  • That you know your role – Host Entity provides onboarding support for UN Volunteers.

  • You can access their internal learning platform – Including any mandatory courses. Host Entity must also provide any technical skills training needed for you to perform your duties.

  • You have learning opportunities – Experience, exposure and chances to transfer your skills.

  • You are given recognition - for your achievements, competencies and acquired skills.

Meriana Megasari, an International UN Volunteer working as the Compound Manager at Kakuma Refugee Camp with the Camp Supervisor

As a UN Volunteer, you have the primary responsibility:

  • Your learning plan – Use your volunteering assignment to get the skills needed for your assignment and future career. Take charge!

  • Your work performance – Keep your knowledge and skills up to date by being proactive with your research and training. Show initiative!

  • Your Volunteer Reporting – Document your personal and professional development, all throughout your assignment. A record of your results, learnings, contributions, acquired skills and competencies will help when you start applying for jobs.

Arab States Refugee UN Volunteer Medical Doctor, Israa Haqqi, from Iraq, serves with the emergency team at Al-Bashir Hospital in Amman, Jordan, 2021.

We, the UNV programme, are responsible:

  • That you’re ready to start your assignment – The UNV programme provides onboarding support for UN Volunteers. UN Youth Volunteers can also meet online or in-person at a workshop, organised by the programme.

  • You can access learning opportunities on eCampus – including any mandatory courses. The UNV learning programme also offers you high-quality tutorials, certification and workshops in languages and professional soft skills. Free, only while you’re serving on assignment.

  • You are prepared for life after your assignment - make best use of our career enhancement support programme resources and workshop.

Youth UN Volunteers raising awareness on reproductive health with UNFPA in Colombia, 2021.

Watch this video on UNV Learning programmes and dive deeper to learn how to enhance your skills and performance during your UN Volunteer assignment.

Elibility for UNV Learning programmes by UN Volunteer category

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Learning Platforms

Visit eCampus for UN Volunteers

Browse UN Partner Toolkit for host entities

Visit UN Volunteer Onboarding Portal

eCampus is the central learning portal for UN Volunteers. Serving UN Volunteers can access outstanding learning opportunities, available free of cost, to enhance their performance and professional development during their assignment - from start to finish.

UN Resident Coordinator Issa Sanogo recognized the commitment of UN Volunteers in helping others during a Capacity Development Learning Facility workshop on developing skills for the Sustainable Development Goals in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The onboarding portal guides UN Volunteers through the recruitment process and onboarding phases by providing practical tips and instructions to complete certain actions to set them off to a good start.

It is also a central reference point to be informed of policies and processes, accomplish key activities, find solutions, and advance their learning during the assignment.

UN Volunteers Lidia Cabrerizo Crespo and Lilian Gonzales Beyuma (right) are among 15 indigenous UN Volunteers working with the Global Environment Facility forestry project in support of UNV advocacy and outreach activities, in communities in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia.

Everything you need to hire and supervise a UN Volunteer is covered for you in our UN Partner Toolkit. It spans the UN Volunteer journey - the various stages you and the volunteer will experience together during the assignment.

Skim bullet point checklists at your own pace to understand your supervisor role and for continued support in all situations. From financial arrangements to selecting the right candidate. And getting your team together to inspiring eagerness to handling delicate discussions about feedback, performance, and mental health. We have you covered!

National UN Volunteer Tarek Khan provides field training to his supervisor about digital data collection on the Kobo Collect project by UNDP as part of the programme "Sustainable Solutions to Solid Waste: A local response to the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh".


Miroslava Vavrecanova, Chief, Human Resources Section (HRS)
Shubh Chakraborty, OIC, Learning Specialist, Capacity Development Team (CDT), HRS
Elena Tiurina, Capacity Development Associate (CDT), HRS
Sarah Stern, Capacity Development Assistant, CDT, HRS
Daniel Gonzalez-Carmena, Learning Analyst, CDT, HRS
Daniel Nagy, Human Resources Analyst, CDT, HRS