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Nemiran, hladan

je krevet prazan, sve još

miriše na nju.

Karlo S.

You met her at the bar,

And found out she lives so far.

You think your Love is gone!

And your life is done,

No matter, you still have your car.

Valentino S.

I'll never love again!

How nice were you then

I think I won't regret it,

but I always forget it,

that we are both men.

Marko Š.

I met her in the bar

Walked her to my car

We were crazy in love, so


Then she opened her jaw

And I ran away all too far.

Filip M. i Jurica M.

Sjedi sam jedan

mladić u trsju tužan

slomljena srca.

Kristijan S. i Dino Đ.

When I touch your hair

I feel love is in the air.

I love both your smile

and your style

but I don't think we would make quite a pair.

Adam Š. i Karlo Š.

Jedina moja

kada život pogodi

dani su broj.

Patrik D., Nikola P., Dino H., Dorijan H., Patrik H.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

my dogs are beautiful

but you're ok too

I really Love You

Fran S.

Are you sure we haven't met before,

this isn't my first time hearing this heart roar

I think we found love

Together, let's go above

you are the one that makes my eyes sore.

Ivan S. i Lovro Ž.

I met him in June

Now I'm gonna give birth soon

Love is in the air

That kind of man is rare

Except when he's acting like a baboon

Matea G.

Our first time alone,

we're finally on our own.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Are you sure the decision is right?

When I look at you, I'm blown.

Lara L.

Kad mi dođeš ti

Suzu u oku makneš

život novi daš.

Lovro H.

I will never love again

Because you left me then

When I feel sad

I get very mad

But at the end I fell in love with you again.

Leonardo D.

She was a happy girl,

I was drunk in love when I met her.

She was such a baddie,

I thought I can be her daddy.

So one day I bought her a pearl.

Sebastian Š.

When love takes over

You keep getting closer

I get butterflies in my belly

Because you are very heavy

But still love takes me over.

Luka J.

Samo je ljubav

tajna dvaju svjetova

među zvijezdama.

Filip L. i Luka M.

Your love is gone

You are mistaken if you think that I'm done

Your love is in the book

I want to take a look

Please don't leave me I don't want to be alone

Martin S. i Igor Š.