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Resilient Captain

1. Water

5. Sails

4. Leak

6. Compass

7. Weather

8. Other Boats

3. Destination

2. Steering weel

reality, environment

needs and values,
meaningful direction

goals and wishes

ineffective coping

strengths, resources
effective coping

feelings, emotions,

uncontrollable circumstances

other people, peers

Steering weel

Deep in your heart, how do you want to behave? How do you want to treat yourself, others, the world? What sort of person do you want to be? What strengths or qualities do you want to develop?


Personal Growth / Health

Work / Education



The aim of this worksheet is to clarify your own internal barriers, holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone, or trying new things, or facing your fears, or tackling your big challenges, etc.

What reasons does your mind come up with for why you can’t, shouldn’t, or shouldn’t even have to take action? What bad things does it tell you will happen if you do take action? Please write them below.

If you get hooked by these thoughts, then you probably won’t take action. So use your unhooking skills. You can’t stop your mind from saying these things, but you can unhook from them.

The antidote

Open Up

Do What Matters

Be Present

Resilient Captain


Able to open up & make room for thoughts and feelings, and allow them to freely flow through?

Able to be clear about & connected with values?
Able to take control of physical actions: over what you say and do?

Able to engage fully in here- and-now experience?
Able to focus attention on whatever is most relevant to the task or activity at hand?