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My trip in
New York

Little presentation

In december 2019, i went to New York City with my mother for four days for holidays. We wanted to visit this city.


the first day

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At the morning, i took a walk in Time Square, it was fantastic and impressive to see all these brights advertissments and displays across the street.
Then, we ate delicious pizzas for the lunch.
At the afternoon, I went shopping in 5th avenue to buy clothes and some souvenirs, i was happy and excited about all my purchases.


I went in front of the Statue of Liberty with a boat to admire her. I was shocked because it was smaller than I imagined.

After that, we did a picnic in Central Park where we ate an excellent hot dog.
At this afternoon, i climbed on Top of the Rock. I feel stressed because it was so high and I scared to fall down. But, I found the view impressive.

the second day


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This day, i went firstly to the Brooklyn Bridge to take pictures like a star. At this moment, few minutes after this picture on the left, I was walking on the bridge when suddenly a stormsnow appeared. It was funny because I didn't stop to falling down because of the snow.

Moreover, after the big burger that i ate i went to visit the museum at the 9/11 memorial. This visit, overwhelmed me and made me. It was touching, i had tears in my eyes.

the third day


The last day we went in front of the empire State Building to show how it's tall and beautiful. I was amazed by this monument.

the fourth day