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My trip to Ireland

where is it located?

I hate the plane...

I took the plane from Paris, It only took me one hour to get there.

1st Day

Finding a hostel

not that easy when you don't know the place...

when I landed, the first thing I wanted to do is find an hostel. The trip wasn't long but I was pretty tired. I finally slept at sky backpackers hostel.

You can sleep here for 130€, that's expensive but the rooms are quite good


2nd day:


I got pretty hungry ton the second day so I decided to eat outside.

This, is black pudding, It's like a huge sausage. It looked a little bit disgusting bit disgusting but it was also really good. The waiters told me irish people usually eat this for breakfast with fried eggs.

This is called coddle because of the time it takes to cook. It's made with sausages, bacon and potatoes. I really liked this dish, It was pretty tasty

Finally, this is "boxty". It's basically potato pancakes I think this was my favourite dish.

This is just my face when I finally got to eat

3rd and 4th day

beautiful landscapes

Wild atlantic way

This place was the best thing I ever saw in my life: The beach right down the cliff was absolutely beautiful

Giant's causeway

This one was also really cool did you know that was a UNESCO World Heritage Site ?

Drag me!

I really loved my trip in Ireland. I wish I could go here again

The end!

I admit it, this was kinda cool