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My trip to London

4 days in the capital of England


1st Day

THe arrival

To begin, I arrived at Heathrow aiport at 2 p.m.

I was hungry because I didn't have lunch yet.
On the way to my hotel I saw Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. I was so excited!


On the second day, I went up of the London eyes. The view was so beautiful but I got dizzy 😵‍💫.

I was scared and I couldn't take any pictures.
In the afternoon I had a great time at Hyde park.
I saw squirrels! They were very cut!

2nd day


3rd day

The day after, I visited the Harry Potter's studios. It was amazing!
I saw the original decors like the lane 9 3/4.
In the evening I unfortunatly lost my map. I was losted and worried.


4th and last Day

The next day I went shopping in Oxford street.

I love this place. There are so many stores
and it's lovely.
I bought new clothes.
I ate Fish & chips for the lunch and I had a tea time in the afternoon.
In the evening I was tired because I walked a lot.