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a speed limit is set at 13 knots (24 km/h)

To protect marine mammals

The area of ​​Gibraltar is 5.8 km²

Area of Gibraltar

14.4 km long 300m depth

The extent

Gibraltar belongs to the United Kingdom but is claimed by Spain. It is located between cape Spartel and Trafalgar, in the mediterranean sea.

The most important ports are those of Algeciras and Tangier. Especially Algeciras which is the main port of the strait, it is a vast industrial port area
Within the global maritimization gibraltar is a maritime gateway between the atlanic ocean and the mediterranean sea.
It is the second route more borrowed after the Channel. Gibraltar is therefore a major interface between africa and europe between the north and the south.

+ 100.000

ship a year

+ 250

ship a day

Strait of


Fandelet Perrine et Aquilano Clara

Strait of Gibraltar