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PhD Student's Guide


Coming to the library

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Finding resources

French legal deposit

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Coming to the library

Opening hours

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 8:15 a. m. - 7 p. m.Friday: 8:15 a. m. - 5 p. m.

These opening hours change when the students are on holidays(Informations available on the Online catalogue or on the Digital Workplace (ENSMA account required)

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Only for students & staff (ISAE-ENSMA account required)

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Contact us

Library information desk

+33 5 49 49 80 24bibliotheque@ensma.fr ou first name.last name@isae-ensma.fr


Cécile BOYÉ : PPRIME ISAE-ENSMA scientific articles collection (B122, +33 5 49 49 83 73)Bénédicte CAROUGE : Head of the Documentation Resource Center, records, PhD thesesMarion ROVISSE : Information & reference desk, classification of the collections

Using the library

Methodological tips


Specific resources

Many tips & information are available on the Online catalogue in the lower part of the screen to help you get started

Scientific articles can be found in the library or requestedPlease, pay attention: there may be a charge for this serviceInquire about this at the information desk or send an email to bibliotheque@ensma.fr

Inter library loans

You can request books even if they are not available in the libraryPlease, pay attention: there is a charge for this serviceInquire about this at the information desk or send an email to bibliotheque@ensma.fr

Legal deposit

Key words

According to the French law, PhD theses must be sent to Legal Deposit


Digital version

The digital version must be PDF/A compliant


(cf. Arrêté du 25 mai 2016

French RAMEAU key words (from BNF) as well as free key words must describe the thesis

Several options:* Long-term confidentiality: all the people involved in the research work must come to an agreement and choose the end of it* Short-term confidentiality only to protect research data (usually no more than 10 years)* Very short-term embargo only to have the time to publish scientific articles

Fill-in form to download

& to drop in the Cloud with the table of contents

Please, check compliance here: CINES

Contrat de diffusion to download (hand-written signatures only)

et Arrêté du 26 août 2022)

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