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Who are we ?

Hey, you maybe know us after watching the incredible TV show sex education ! But today we are not here to make you laugh in your room, today we're gonna talk about LGBTQ+ issues in the UK. Sex education has a lot of LGBTQ+ characters and they decided to share their stories to teach you about what it is being gay, lesbian, transgender and non-binary in the United Kingodm nowadays.
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Eric Effiong

Gay and British!

My life?

Hello, my name is Eric Effiong and I am 18 years old. I come from Moordal in England and study at Moordale High School. People know me for being loud, funny, and like a ray of sunshine. I'm very outgoing and I don't care about what people think of me. Indeed, I think I have this mindset because I was brought up in an environment where people kept judging me on the way I behaved. I don't deny my feminine look, I live with it. It took me many years to learn to love myself, and it would be an honor to help others with this. I grew up in a Christian family and at 13 I stopped believing in God, but after I discovered myself and stopped the following judgment, I started to be a faithful Christian.

Let’s take a tour through history and pop culture

England is a country known for having a "not LGBTQ friendly" history. Indeed, same-sex marriage only became legal on July 17 of 2013! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it is therefore important for me to take action and change people's minds about these issues. With my personal story, I support the fact that the problem is not religious but cultural and that is why I find it important to share my experience and to be part of the association "sex education"!

Let's take a tour through history. Since the reign of Henry VIII, English law has identified sodomy as a crime punishable by hanging. In 1861, the “Offences against the Person Act” abolished the death penalty for sodomy. However, sexual acts between men were still illegal and even punishable by prison. Female homosexuality, on the other hand, was neither recognized nor criminalized by law. But more recently, in the early 1950s, the British police became particularly involved in the fight against "gay" sex. Thus, many arrests and trials took place, including that of the famous mathematician Alan Turing...

Today we cannot deny the progress of the country and society in general. England is also known for many icons who embody the struggle for LGBT rights around the world. We can mention Harry Styles, a heterosexual man who has been able to dismantle gender norms through the covers of Vogue, Cara Delevingne, a model proudly displaying her lesbian couple, or David Bowie.

This year also marks an important turning point with the release of the first season of 'RuPaul's drag race UK vs The World', a drag show with RuPaul himself as the presenter, accompanied by queer icons of the British world such as former Spiderman Andrew Garfield. This show touches me personally because I often did drag during my student life, I still remember this moment at my prom (I'll let you take a look at the picture).

Adam Groff

Free and proud, long story

My life :


My name is Adam Groff, I am 18 years old and I live in England. I am a student of Moordal University and I am especially known because I am the former headteacher’s son. I am not a hard-working student nor a popular person. The others (my classmates for example) say that I am an introvert. But I have evolved so much these last few years and for the most part since my coming out which I did during the end-of-year performance in front of everyone. It was not easy but it helped me a lot and played a huge part in my character development.

My school years were rather turbulent. Indeed, during a period of my life, and I am not proud of this, I used to bully a guy who has become my boyfriend by a quirk of fate, his name is Eric. Today I am gay and openly proud of it but it wasn’t always the case. I live in a very Christian family and faith plays an important part in my life. So admitting my sexual orientation to myself was a real step and challenge in my life. I live in a country where being gay is more and more accepted but much remains to be done so the LGBTQ+ community can feel completely safe when walking in the streets. That’s why I decided to join the foundation “Sex education”.

The foundation and today’s issues :

Because I was a victim of homophobic discrimination I know how hard it is to experience it daily. I want to share my story, take action and raise awareness in schools. The most important thing is to talk about it, release the information and so people can know that they are not alone in this.

Indeed, current studies directed by the University of Cambridge in 2017 showed that 45 percent of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans pupils are bullied for being LGBT at school. It is huge, those numbers are no joke! I can also quote that half of LGBT pupils (52 percent) hear frequently homophobic slurs at school. That is a real issue that must be taken very seriously because everything passes through education especially mindsets and values so we must be careful about what we are teaching to the younger generation. A school must be a safe place where students can talk freely and also with professionals to preserve their mental health because their home is not always a good place to talk and express their feelings. We are sometimes shy or don’t have a good relationship with our parents (and as it was my case I can understand).

Even so, I sense that things have been changing these last few years and maybe society is opening its eyes, I hope it continues like that! Indeed, a law about conversion therapy may come into effect within the next spring. Conversion therapy often also called “reparative therapy” aims to “cure” people of being LGBT, with rudimentary and violent treatments. This law will be applying to all people under 18 and adults who didn’t explicitly consent.

Eric and me <3

Some numbers

Life satisfaction In the UK

LGBT people in the UK per cent

Surprisingly, the proportion of LGBT people in the UK population has been growing over the last ten years. We can correlate this growth with the many laws that have come out recently including The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013. Nevertheless, they represent only 2% of the population to advocate their sexual orientation, is it because being LGBT is still frowned upon?

These figures tend to show us that LGBT persons are well below the average in satisfaction. This is not surprising for a country with strong Christian roots and a dark past in terms of LGBT history as Eric showed us.

“More than a quarter of LGBT pupils (28 percent) – including two in five trans pupils (39 percent) – experience homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying during lessons. » Violence against LGBT persons can take many very violent forms. It is important to take action, either as a witness or by calling on anti-violence organizations.

This mini-reportage of vogue shows the full extent of the concept of gender. England is home to lots of trans people and non-binary people. The concept of gender is evolving, even in the kingdom of tea.

Whe won't be erased

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Now that we know more about our country what's the difference around the world

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Earlier, Eric spoke to us about the world of drag and how celebrating drag queens on television could lead to greater acceptance of the LGBT community. So, let's travel around the world and see through mini-videos, how the LGBT community struggles to assert its identity.

And around the world ?

In the U.S., Rupaul's drag race brings the power of the LGBT community to life through the art of drag!

In Italy, the film Call me by you name, adapted from the novel by André Aciman, is a hit, winning numerous awards!

In France, the vogue scene is developing strongly and perpetuates the legacy of "Paris is burning"!

In Moscow, Lady Gaga (an icon) openly criticizes the Russian regime of Putin which goes against human rights (and lgbt).

In Thailand, Pangina, a famous drag queen, makes huge shows!


Towards a better world

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Queer Britain

The UK's first national LGBTQ+ museum will open in London this year. The project is led by Queer Britain, a charity founded in 2018 to create a space dedicated to telling the stories of the UK’s LGBTQ+ community. This museum will be the second LGBTQ+ European museum after Berlin, and the biggest in the world dedicated to this subject. The museum will collect stories from the LGBTQ+ community from many different backgrounds to make sure that their stories are preserved and celebrated for future generations.

It will be a museum with an innovative digital presence.It will feature objects and records from the world’s of art, fashion, film, literature, TV, theatre, news, music, diaries, letters, photographs, legal records. Video/ audio interviews with queer people of all ages and backgrounds, activists, their friends, allies, families, observers and opponents. This museum aims to inform, tribute and also educate. When we know that the decriminalization of homosexuality only dates from 1967 in England, we realize that the LGBTQ+ communities’s victories are recent, and that the fight continues even today. And like Joseph Galliano the Co-Founder & CEO said “People came out of their closets, now it’s time to come out of the margins. Queer Britain will be the first national museum for all, regardless of sexuality and gender identity,”