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We are all connected

short stories

by eTwinners of "We are all Connected"

France- Greece- Italy- Romania- Spain- Turkey

participating Teachersand schools

Anna AndriuloScuola S. 1° Grado "Materdona- Moro"- Mesagne- ItalyEvridiki Gkori5 Gymnasio Veroia - GreeceLaëtitia BramoulléCollège Saint Antoine-Lannilis- FranceLoredana PopaScoala nr. 17 Botosani- RomaniaMariana Morales Colegio Internacional Eurovillas - Madrid- SpainSonia RuizColegio Internacional Eurovillas - Madrid - SpainZehra KAYAASLAN23 Nisan Secondary School - Merkez- TurkeyVasiliki Dogani1rst junior high school of Markopoulo, Athens - Greece

eTwinning Project 2021-2022

we are all connected

‘We are all Connected’ is born to establish a connection among past, present and future issues and to reflect about them. By collaborating in international teams, students will rely on each other to achieve a common goal, will improve their self-esteem, and will develop a great sense of creativity and interculturality. This journey with the historical characters will lead us to learn about our roots and culture.The elaboration of the ebook promotes proactive participation and a feeling of speaking out loud about current topics: we can also work on solutions for our future. Our characters are waiting for you…come and join us in this wonderful adventure!

A British teenager who will help our celebrities throughout the story


He is the founder of modern Turkey. He is courageous, determined, patriotic with leadership qualities

He is an Italian painter, architect and nice scientist. He has a bad appearance. He is cautious, clever and outgoing.

He is a Greek hero. He is really rebellious, courageous and his physical abilities and cleverness led him to be an emperor.

She is a Polish physicist and chemist nationalized in France. She likes being a doctor and investigating scientific findings. She’s so intelligent.

She is considered a Romanian heroine. She joined the Scouts and she was a nurse in the First World War, but she presented herself as a soldier.

She is a brave woman, patient and faithful. She is a lawyer, a writer and a politician who really defends women.

Marie Curie

Leonardo da Vinci

Mustafa Kemal ATATURK

Ecaterina Teodoroiu

Alexander the Great


Clara Campoamor

help from the past









What happens in the story? Write the names of the activity 1

Activity 3
Activity 2
Activity 1

How will the personal features of thecharacters affectthe story?


When will the critical event occur?


Where will the story take place?


Who will be the main character?


What will happen at the end of the story ?


Why will the story end like this?


Here is the 5W1H creative mind map of our story. please, try to answer the questions according to your predictions.

Ecaterina Teodoroiu

Marie Curie

Alexander the Great

Mustafa Kemal Atarturk

Leonardo Da Vinci

Clara Campoamor

1. She was a brave woman, patient and faithful _______ 2. She was a politician, a lawyer and fought for women’s rights. ___________ 3.She was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity. ___________ 4. He was an emperor___________ 5. He was an inventor. ___________ 6. He is considered the “father” of his country ___________


Here are the main heroes in the story. what kind of people are they? Match the sentences with the pictures

They are wondering themselves where they are.Is this a dream? I rub my eyes, I think this is not real, but I don’t wake up. I’m confused.-Where am I? - Said one of the strangers.Suddenly, the six people around my desk started to move. I was in a panic. There are six strangers in my room who are asking where they are and why they appeared here. I wished I knew why.-Don’t be scared -I said to myself. Keep calm.-Okay, I am as confused as all of you. Let’s start introducing ourselves- said one of the strangers. She had big brown eyes and hair the same color. She looked like someone important. Wearing a long black dress. She was pretty tall.-That’s a good idea - I said, exasperated.I was determined to solve the problem and continued talking to them.-Okay, I am Clara Campoamor- she talked loud and clear.Clara Campoamor? Why does it ring a bell to me? A light bulb light up over my head.

help from the past

It is a rainy day. I am reading at my desk. I think to myself: this is a great story! Our history teacher told us to read it, so we can learn more about the past. The paintings on the walls show pretty landscapes depicted in warm pastel tones. I feel like I am sitting across the table from myself in another life, another time. Suddenly I feel cold, I hear a cracking sound and I feel an electric shock on my wrist. I look at the window and see six strange people staring at me. When I get a better look at them, I don't recognise who they are.

There’s one woman who hasn’t introduced herself yet. She is very tall. Wait, is she wearing a soldier uniform too?I think she is Ecaterina Teodoroiu. Please tell me this is a bad joke. A hidden camera. One of those programmes which at the end, everything is alright.Now they are all staring at me. They are making me nervous. What are you doing? Oh yes, they want me to introduce myself. Where do I start?-I, I... Believe me, I don't know what to say with amazement right now. I am Emma and I am 17 years old. I am English and you are now in a house in the south part of London. I live here with my parents and our little dog Lassie. I am a high school student who spends all my free time reading and researching books on history and science. I love my history class and enjoy learning from reading about the past. I must admit that I am more or less aware of the value you all add to world history. I'm currently reading, a book that I can't name right now,

It cannot be possible. Is it? Please, tell me it is not true.I can hardly breathe as I cannot believe this is real. Then, another woman started talking too.-Right, my name is Marie Curie, but you can call me Marie - she had a marked accent, like if she was from France.Okay, am I dreaming? Clara Campoamor? Marie Curie? Is this a coincidence? Is it real? I don’t believe it!I don't understand anything. A voice interrupted my thoughts.- I am Alexander, from Greece - he was short. Curly and blonde hair.Alexander the Great?! Are you serious?! What are you doing here? Of course, I didn’t ask that. With a low voice I said okay and they continued their presentations.-Mustafá Kemal, soldier in the Turkish army.A soldier, a chemist, a politician woman , an emperor. Who else?!- Leonardo Da Vinci -of course. If I am not confused at all, we have a painter and a scientist too.

on the wall, and this news, I think they all describe the same problem. Could you please tell me what's going on in the world?Now I remembered this woman was a world-famous scientist. She immediately understood this disease that swept the world. I explained everything I knew about Covid-19. How it started, Li Wenliang, the doctor who warned everyone about the first infections and eventually died from the disease that continued to swipe the planet. There was astonishment, sadness and confusion in their eyes.Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, whose blue eyes I was watching as if I was watching the sky, said the following words:- We are all here and the world needs us. This is a debt we all owe to humanity. Today is the day to find solutions for the world's present and future.Alexander The Great, who nodded in approval of ATATÜRK, repeated his famous sentence:- There is nothing impossible to him who will try.And Clara CAMPOAMOR continued:

whether it's a dream or a reality, a dream or a hallucination.There were a total of seven people in the room, all of us from different times, maybe people whose lives had never intersected, but the only thing we had in common at that moment was the surprise we all experienced. I remember my smartphone is in my pocket. I want to take a picture of them all, because no one at school is going to believe me. As all six are looking at one another, I try to take a quick picture… but the screen shows an empty room!While all this was going on, Marie Curie, who was startled by my sudden movement of hiding my phone, and said: .- Please be quiet, please. I'm trying to understand, I'm worried. Please someone explain this to me.The small television in my room was broadcasting news and talking about the Covid-19 data of that day.That intelligent woman was thinking deeply. She approached the television slowly;- Boxes of masks on the table, disinfectant products, disease precaution brochures hanging

.How important every detail was to them. I don't know how many hours passed likethis, but as I couldn't stop watching them, and I eventually realized that my phone had lost all signal! Leonardo Da Vinci stood up and started his speech that made my heart beat faster with excitement. “The situation is terrible” - said the great Italian inventor with a solemn tone - “but if we cooperate, we can help the world”. It was late, the sun had already sunk for about half an hour and the long gray hair and bushy beard of the old inventor seemed to brighten in the twilight. His furrowed eyebrows and his serious eyes witnessed his considerable worry about the pandemic.- “This lady” - he continued- “this brilliant lady, Mrs Curie, who is a genius in the chemistry field, will make a definitive vaccine so that humankind won’t need to wear face masks any more, they can move anywhere they like without the need of showing their green pass and at last they can meet and hug each other” - he said smiling slightly. “We must have perseverance, we must have confidence in ourselves! We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must

- I have always fought for women's rights all my life. So now my struggle must be for all humanity and its future.They all nodded in agreement. Marie CURIE asked me for a pen and paper and continued with these words:- We don't have a second to lose. I repeat as I said all my life: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now it is time to understand more so that we can fear less”.As if they had no time to lose, these six people who were famous in the world immediately got to work. What do you think they are going to do?Leonardo started to draw, Marie was writing chemical formulas, Ecaterina was studying disinfecting procedures, Clara was listening to the politicians’ speeches on TV, while Alexander and Mustafa were staring at the world map of covid infections. They were all looking for solutions in their own way, constantly asking mequestions and were amazed by this terrible epidemic that the world was facing. Dozens of crumpled papers as well as dozens of papers on the table

Right away, Clara, who had sensed the situation, said: "We came for a visit and we have already kept our friend too long and what are you agents doing here?”. The other policeman answered "the neighbors called us and told us that there were suspicious movements". The neighbors? I couldn’t believe it! “Why haven’t I accepted mum’s proposal to move to the countryside in complete isolation from these nosy people?” - I thought. Meanwhile the policemen asked the six strangers for their documents and their green pass. Of course they didn’t have what they were asked… the six strangers in turn tried to explain that they were just travelers from a past when there was no need of green pass, and as Leonardo Da Vinci said that he was the great inventor, Alexander claimed to be the famous emperor and the other strangers added that they didn’t know how they got there but they might guess their mission, the policemen gave an amuse laugh and shouted “you will lose your sense of humor in prison, you, impostors!”

be attained” - added Marie in a soft voice - “Monsieur Leonardo is right, I want to start my research at once and this wise man will help me. He will build a laboratory for me, but we need a proper place…”My heart started beating even faster now! - “You can use my garage. No one uses it, it is very big and I can give you all what you need.“Great!” - said Marie and Leonardo in unison!Once they finished organizing, when everyone was about to get to work, the doorbell rang and a voice shouted: "Open the door, Police!". As soon as I heard those words, I started shivering with fear. I heard a loud whistle, I turned to look at the six strangers, but they had disappeared.I ran into the kitchen where I saw the door wide open and the policeman handcuffing the six strangers who until a few minutes before were in the room with me. As the policemen saw me they asked me if I was ok, if those people had hurt or annoyed me. I couldn’t speak, but I shook my head.“Why are all these people here in your house?" they asked me. I knew that if she told them the truth they wouldn't believe me.

He spoke softly and Emma didn’t understand what he was saying. She asked “can you repeat please? I can’t hear you so well!”.- Ho! I’m sorry. I said “I want to help your six friends. I am very famous in this country and I can persuade the police easily to free them.- I see, thank you! But why do you carry a platypus under your arm?- This lil cutie? It’s my backup plan. Its name is Frederic.- The backup plan? How?- Yes, if the policemen do not let us go through, I will knock them out with my walker and we will break the jail bars to free the 6.- I see? Well, sure, let’s try that…Hygienically masked Emma and Tom, his walker, Frederic under his arm, got outside of the house. This weird duet and more went to the police station. Of course, the policemen didn’t recognize Tom at all, being masked. So, Tom whispered to Emma “please, may you take Frederic for a second?”. Emma found it really funny that she was petting a platypus along with being a bestie to a 100 years old all of a sudden.

I couldn’t help crying when I saw that my new friends were forced to leave my house… Then Lassie joined me, as if nothing had just happened. I petted her for a while wondering what I could do for my friends from the past. At this precise moment, somebody knocked at the door. So, Emma opened and there was Tom Moore, an old man, with a bald head, glasses and a cute little platypus in one hand and a walker in the other. Because he just had reincarnated at 100 years old.

solution?Soon, the news was all over CNN : Anderson Cooper announced that the only way to save Humanity was to eat ENDIVES. Outrage fused : no one ever eats endives. It is way too disgusting. So, 2 million humans died the first month. Then many awoke as zombies, and ran to the stockpiles of endives to burn them all… humanity was doomed.At this precise moment, the alarm clock rang. Emma woke up. She sighed. She told herself “pfew, it was all only a nightmare”. While preparing breakfast, she turned on the radio. The anchor announced “19 new variants were discovered yesterday”.... the nightmare was real!

Tom kicked the back end of 10 policemen, and threw them to the floor. He then looked seriously at Emma’s face. “- Let’s go, take the platypus and put it in front of the prison. He knows what he has to do! - Yes, Sir!” Emma presented the door to Frederic, the cute platypus. Immediately, the little beast began to pick the lock of the door. Quickly, it was opened, Marie, Leonardo, Alexander, Mustafa, Ecatarina and Clara appeared and left the cell. They thanked Emma, Tom and Frederic, who was now toothless. Emma said: “We should make the vaccine quickly, let’s get to my garage, my Mum never uses it”. Leonardo said “yes, we have to produce it as quickly as possible”. Then, Tom and Frederic leave one way, while the others go to Emma’s. Within 2 weeks, they were so close to completing the task. Marie looked at Emma, embarrassed, and told her about their findings: “- We found something, in common agreement, that the only way to cure from Covid is…”, much hesitation from everyone, “ Eating endives”. But was it really a relief, as it seemed an easy

a) The six characters appear in the room b) Clara Campoamor wants a pen c) When Emma introduced herself to the six characters d)The characters present themselves e)When they say that the brilliant Marie Curie will make a definity vaccine f) The characters get arrested by a police officer g) When Emma tell the characters about Covid-19

Activity 3

Please, help Frederic unscramble the words from the story

Activity 4
Activity 2
Activity 1


Match the phrases with their character

  • We are all here and the world needs us __________________
  • -Don’t be scared -I said to myself. Keep calm. __________________
  • “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood __________________
  • “The situation is terrible” __________________
  • - There is nothing impossible to him who will try. __________________
  • Open the door, Police __________________
  • This person has brown hair, she isn’t very fat. __________________
  • She likes reading books about women's rights. __________________
  • She looked like someone important. Wearing a long black dress. __________________


Dear Diary, what an unbelievable_________ I had this afternoon. I saw six _________ three women and three men, in my _________ . They were all wearing very old fashion _________ , What a surprise when they asked me the name of my _________ and when they told me that they were all famous past _________ : Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Clara Campoamor, Marie Curie and Ecaterina Teodoroiu. As soon as they heard about _________ , they all wanted to give their contribution to help _________ … but suddenly the police arrived and the 6 strangers were accused of being impostors and were arrested. I’m sure the six strangers weren’t lying. I wish I knew what to do…

Use the words in the mask to complete Emma’s diary

You can write a subtitle here




because they were robbing Emma

because they didn't have documents

because they were zombies

because they had Covid 19


Covid 19


global warming









Did Emma know who the characters were from the moment she saw them?

Rewrite the last paragraph. What if it had not been just a nightmare?

How would you react if you suddenly saw 6 strangers from the past in your house?

Why were the characters arrested?

What crisis are they facing?

What's the weather like at the beginning of the story?

How old is Emma?

link to play quizzlet online

Activity 6
Activity 5

Read the text and decide if the answers are true (T) or false (F)

You can write a subtitle here

our earth is crying










Activity 2
Activity 1

Here are some events from the second story. Please read and put the sentences into the correct order in the story time

In this wordcloud there are some keywords from the second story. Choose a word and discuss: what do you know about it?


our earth is crying

Do you remember our heroes? Match the drawings with their names. There is a new character who appears in the story. Can you guess who? She cares a lot about the environment. Solve the activity to find out.

Activity 3

It was a chilly spring morning. The London sky was covered with gray clouds. It was too early to see people walking through the streets. The hands of the clock on the wall of Emma’s living room were ticking 5:30 a.m. Our six celebrities were standing around Emma who looked very sad.“I’m not going to live in this awful time any longer!” – said Alexander the Great nervously. “We made so many efforts to help humankind, and we found the right treatment to fight against Covid, but we were not taken into consideration” – Marie Curie added with a sad voice.

They built the panels and equipped Emma’s car, but it was raining and the solar panel vehicle needed the sun to power up. They tried to push it, but it was just too heavy. “It’s a bad idea!” said Mustafa. And Alexander reminded everyone that there would be a problem when they would have to cross the sea. Emma said “we can ask more people to swim across the sea and bring the car to the other shore”. “Why not?” answered everyone. They went outside and tried to convince people, in vain. Maybe because it was a rather cold winter. Then, they went back to Emma’s house. They were disappointed. Suddenly, Leonardo had a flash of genius. “We can build an anti-pollution machine!What kind of machine will Leonardo invent? How do you think it will work? It would suck the gas and the heat out of the air, to include it on a drone with an inside bicycle running on the energy produced by a platypus. We must call Tom Moore for help and let us borrow Frederic for a while!”.

“Who is Greta?” asked Curie. Greta is a young environmental activist. She comes from Sweden. “We must find a solution to save the planet!” said Mustafa. “Let’s go to Stockholm to meet with Greta!” said Clara. “How will we go to Sweden without polluting the planet more? We cannot be burning more fossil fuel!” said Emma.Leonardo had a brilliant idea! “Let’s build a solar panel car to get to Sweden, and this car will suck up the overheating air from the atmosphere!”.

Dear friends, Please, don’t abandon us! Our planet, our Mother Earth, is going to die because of global warming and we need your help.Go to Stockhoppsbron, and someone will give you more information” Greta Thunberg

“We want to go back to our time at once” – said Mustafa “Listen!” Emma said. - “Maybe it is not time to leave this world just yet… Maybe your mission isn’t finished. Look! Yesterday I got this letter for you”. Clara Campoamor started reading it aloud:

The next morning, the machine was finished. -Poof! We’re really done. -said Emma with a tired voice and body. -I don’t think we’re done -Mustafá dared to say -If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to disarm it and rebuild another stupid machine to be able to save a world to which we don’t even belong! -Calm down Mustafá -said Leonardo Da Vinci -we have to save this planet to be able to return home, is it clear?.

Mustafá reluctantly agreed. After they had been talking for a while, they decided to give it a try, and get the machine out and the car with the solar panels so they could continue their journey. To the surprise of some, the driver of the car was Alexander The Great. And since when do you know how to drive? -Asked Mustafá uncomfortably. -Well, since I got my license to drive flying cars that didn't exist in our time -Alexander The Great said with a little giggle. When they arrived in Stockholm, they looked for Skeppsbron, the street where someone was supposed to give them some information. Time was running out and they had no idea what to do to solve the problem of climate change. A few hours later, it was already 8:00 pm, and that meant it was time for the next clue. Someone appeared on the opposite side of the street, and they recognized her instantly. It was Greta Thunberg's sister, Beata Thunberg!“Hello… All of you are welcome. The thought of you not coming has really worried both my sister and me, but seeing you right here in front of me is an invaluable feeling. Thank you, Greta will be so happy. Let's not waste any more time and hurry for our world.”

“It’s a super idea”, Emma marveled. Everyone agreed and set to work. Marie Curie organized all the operations. They worked on the machine all night long.

Our celebrities, who were astonished by what they heard, had the idea of ​​finding a solution by using each of their brain cells. Marie Curie began her sentence with a squint; “One of the biggest triggers of global warming is carbon dioxide gas, the system we will produce will capture carbon dioxide, transfer it to a safe area in the open seas with pipes, and even the accumulated gas will be synthesized in such a way that it will be the harmless vehicle fuel of the future. There is no doubt that it would be an effective idea”. “Well, could this be an alternative?” Ecaterina Teodoroiu started ; Earth's orbit or Earth and Sun By reflecting the sun's rays into space, namely the Space Mirrors, which will be placed at a point in between. I think it would be a serious positive contribution if they were prevented from reaching the Earth. Thus, I guess the Earth would warm up less. Ingenious ideas flooded the environment, these were exactly the kind of suggestions that could turn into a solution.

The excitement and happiness of Greta, who saw the geniuses of the past vividly in front of her, was worth seeing. On the other hand, Greta was very sad. She wondered if they knew exactly the causes and effects of this terrible Global warming. -You left traces in the history of the world, we young people walked your way, but today our mother earth needs your help more than ever. Due to the use of fossil fuels and intensive deforestation, the glaciers melt, the sea level rises, large amounts of water on earth evaporate and mix with the atmosphere, and strong winds occur due to the temperature-pressure difference. This brings with it heavy rains, storms and tsunamis. The length and time of the seasons change. Plant and animal species that are adversely affected by all these climate changes are either decreasing or completely disappearing. Every negative change in the world affects people as a result. Please join our forces and find a solution. We do not have a second planet to live on.

As soon as they entered the bank everyone started staring at them. Six strange looking people with old fashioned clothes! The security men grabbed their weapons because they thought it was a robbery. Everyone started to scream and panic.The alarm went off, everyone tried to hide. The doors were automatically locked so Greta and Emma could not get inside and explain the situation. Within a few minutes the police arrived. Emma and Greta tried to explain to the policemen that the strange looking people were innocent. The policemen thought that they were lying but when they entered the building they realized that the two girls were telling the truth. Abdulla Shahid, President of the United Nations General Assembly, was soon informed about the special visitors from the past who could help our world, and he wanted to meet them at once.I think- Mustafa said to the President: - We can do a lot of things together. Leonardo can help us to build a new invention for carbon dioxide. Marie Curie also can help him. That will help our planet.

Mustafa Kemal looked at the sky with his blue eyes and added: “I dreamed of flying balloons, which were released into the sky, spraying the chemical mixtures in the clouds, thus providing more precipitation to the world, ending the drought to a large extent”. -We could design cars and vehicles that burn carbon dioxide and produce oxygen instead, Alexander the Great said. Do you think you can design something like that Leonardo? -These are all great ideas but we need money, lots of money, Clara said. They all looked at each other in disappointment; no one had any money on them. -Look! There’s a bank over there. We can find millions there! Ecaterina said. Let’s go! They all started running towards the bank before Greta and Emma had the chance to tell them that it was not that easy.

Activity 1


Ecaterina proposed that from her part she could discuss with the government to find a solution.Clara added: -Dear president, your effort is important for us. We have a lot of plans to save the planet. You can help us! Of course the President agreed with them and gave gave them all what they needed.So, a few weeks later they managed to find a way to help people and set the goal to eliminate global warming. Once they achieved their mission our celebrities vanished. They returned to their past or maybe they visited an other age... who knows? What we know is that thanks to their efforts we could imagine a better planet.

Why was the car invented by Leonardo good for the environment? it sucked the overheating air it had wings to fly it had solar panels Whom did the heroes get a message from? Beata Greta Thundberg the president Why did they go to the bank? to rob to ask for money to pay compliments to the staff Who came up with the idea of using the drone and the bicyle? Marie Curie Leonardo Mustafa Why was the idea of the car with solar panels a bad one for their journey? it could explode because it was snowing because it was raining Who drove the modified car to Stockholm? Alexander Marie Curie Clara Who came up with the idea of using Solar Mirrors? Clara Ecaterina Mustafa Alexander Who was waiting for them in Stockholm? Greta Beata the platypus What are they trying to fight? climate change the platypus solar power Who was upset because her help during the Covid crisis was not taken into account? Clara Marie Curie Ecaterina Why did the heroes need money? to buy a bike to build an invention to feed the platypus When does the story occur? Spring Summer Autumn What do the character call the planet? Mother Earth Sister Earth Father Earth At the end of the story, whom do they ask for help? the shaman the president a police officer the platypus

Choose the correct answer. Click on the interactive element to play it online

Complete the Crossword puzzle about some environmental threats

Activity 4
Activity 3
Activity 2


Describe or draw Leonardo's final invention for carbon dioxide

Choose the correect option from the quiz.In which season does the story take place?

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
Where must the celebrities and Emma travel to?
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Stockholm
Which was the first environmentally-friendly idea which Leonardo Da Vinci came up with to travel to the meeting place but didn’t function?
  • An eolic aeroplane
  • A solar car
  • An hydraulic submarine
Who welcomes Emma and the genius people at first?
  • Greta Thunberg
  • Beata Thunberg
  • The police
Why cannot the stunning solutions be developed?
  • Because they needed more people
  • Because their production would generate more carbon dioxide than what it will quit
  • Because of lack of money

Imagine that one of the heroes writes a letter to a friend he/she knew in the past to tell him/her about his/her adventures in the XXI century.

Activity 6
Activity 5

Elena from Romania made the car invented by Leonardo Da Vinci in the story

d) The six celebrities are annoyed by living in a time which doesn't belong to them. e) The celebrities find the way to go to the meeting with Greta.

a) Clara Campoamor reads Greta Thunbergs’ letter aloud. b) The six celebrities are caught by the police. c) The genius people start thinking of solutions to climate change.

Put the events in the correct chronological order using the timeline.

Activity 7
photos of all partners while working at the activities

let's meet our teams








France : Arwen, Chloé, Arthur, Bleuenn, Gabrielle, Lenaïc, Marceau, LouiseGreece (Eurydice's pupils): Nikos, Rafail, Giorgos, Anestis, Meletis Greece (Viky's pupils): Eleftheria, Kostas, Vangelis, Maria, Depsina Italy: Emma- Christian- Ginevra- Alessio- Matteo P. Romania (Loredana's pupils): Alex, Razvan, Antonio, Gabriel Spain (Mariana's pupils): Arley, Nuria, Alberto, Azahara, Alonso, Mario Santa., Silvia Spain (Sonia's pupils): Lia, Diego, Ana, Sara Ca., Miriam, Kauther, Sofía. Turkey (Zehra's pupils): Zeynep and Hikmet







France: Maël, Louane, Isaora, Louna, Emma, Louis, Aisleen Greece (Eurydice's pupils): Eleni G, Ioanna, Artemis, Konstantina, Elpida Greece (Viky's pupils): Konstantina, Eleftheria, Despoina, Natalia Italy: Giulia F. - Alessandro- Alessia- Gabriele- Matteo C. Romania (Loredana's pupils): Matei, Antonia, Elena, Ana, Elena, Iulia, Anastasia, Stefana, Alexia Spain (Mariana's pupils) Elsa C., Bea, Iraty, Jorge, Mario SJ., Noah, Carla, Izan Spain (Sonia's pupils): Jesús, Leyre, Erika, Raúl C., Sara Co., Sacha, Pablo Turkey (Zehra's pupils): Tuba and Fatmanur








France: Fantine, Martin, Rosy, Eline, Loris Greece (Eurydice's pupils): Dimitra, Evelina, Irini, Panagiota, Eleni V Greece (Viky's pupils):Natalia, Eleftheria Italy: Manuela- Paolo- Giovanni- Erika- Simone Romania (Loredana's pupils): Anca, Matei T., Teopna, Bianca, Alessia, Andrei B, Spain (Mariana's pupils): Alan, Carlos, Irene, Isra, Claudia, Sara Lobo, Ionut, Ricardo Spain (Sonia's pupils): Richard, Emanuel, Marcos G., Izan, Marcos E, Asier, Verónica, Raúl H. Turkey (Zehra's pupils): Sevval and Ayse








France: Noann, Milo, Alexis K, Maëlle, Alexis M, Maho Greece (Eurydice's pupils): Kostas, Dimitris, Valeria, Stefanos, Lefteris Greece (Viky's pupils): Natalia, Eleftheria Italy: Rebecca- Francesco- Mirko- Leonardo- Roberta Romania (Loredana's pupils): Diana, Andrei B, Larisa, Teona, Gabriel Spain (Mariana's pupils): Nora, eLSA r., Alexandra, Lucía, Sara C, Lucas, Mario B.Spain (Sonia's pupils): Erica, Selena, Giselle, Jorge, Famara, Fernando, Patricia. Felix. Turkey (Zehra's pupils): Muhammed and Furkan


eTwinners "We are all Connected"