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The melting ice cap

why ice cap melting and why it's dangerous ?

effects of melting ice cap

sea level rise


desappearance of species


Impact on the climat


The poster

what is the aim ?

  • denounce the melting of the ice cap
  • To show -> endangered species ( polar beer, pinguins) and flood

description of the poster :

  • At the top -> city
  • At bottom left hand-corner -> a polar bear, suit case and ice
  • Source = WWF
  • In the middle -> water


reduce the use of the greenhouse gases


the clean energy


THANK YOU for listening to us

the causes :

1900s -> many glaciers have been melting.
( Human activities )
-> The industrial revolution, greenhouse gas emissions = raised temperatures and create a hole in atmosphere
= glaciers are melting, calving off into the sea and retreating on land.