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Mesrin to NewYork


American dream

Thesis Statement:
What was Immigration to the United States like for immigrants in the 1900’s ?

I/ Arrival in the country through ellis island
II/ Adjusting to their new life

The passage

Mesrin, Turkey

Mesrin, Turkey

Ellis Island, New-york

Ships were crowded with thousands of passengers.

Traveling in Europe was often difficult. People sometimes had to walk far distances, carrying their possessions with them

Immigrants traveled from Europe to America by steamship.

Passengers make time for dancing aboard the ship.

The arrival

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in 1886. It became a famous symbol of America for arriving immigrants.

Passengers in first class often did not have to step foot on Ellis Island. After an onboard medical inspection, they went straight to Manhattan to disembark.

Immigrants carried their possessions all the way from their homeland.

Mothers carried their possessions, as well as their children.

Baggage Room

Immigrants climb the stairs to the registry room

Officials check an immigrant for eye disease.

The registry Room

In the Registry Room, immigrants wait their turn for processing by immigration officials.

Thousands of people were processed daily by immigration officials.


The chalk symbols used at Ellis Island, and what each symbol meant.

Legal inspection

Officials interview immigrants about their personal history.

Dormitories on Ellis Island

People rest in dormitories on Ellis Island. They might be detained for weeks or months.


Immigrants exchange their money for U.S. Dollars and purchase train tickets.

The stairs of separation

The kissing post

The exterior of the main building

After leaving Ellis Island, immigrants began a new life in America.


November 1917

Orchard Street

From : How the Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York (1890)

Little Italy - 1936

Antonio arrival in Little Italy - 1910

Members of The Balck Hand arrestation

Chinatown - 1982

Chinese immigrants

Chinese workers who were willing to work for low pay

Chinese Exclusion Act

Chinese Consolideted Benevolent Association

Neighborhood Guild

sewing classes


Immigrants first travel by boat to arrive in America. They went through a difficult journey to arrive in Ellis Island. There, they were examineted to enter the country. Then begin the process to adjusting to their new life and new country. Immgranst neighbourhood appeared where immigrants were trying to live like in their native country.