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We will present our poster

Presentation of the poster
Foreground top and bottom of the image
Middle of the image
Background of the poster
Our intention

Presentation of the poster
This document presents the Fantastic Animals movie poster. This poster informs the release date of the cinema and author: jk rowling.
foretound top and bottom of the image
in the foreground, we can see at the top of the date and bottom the title of the film.

In the middle of the posters
In the middle of the image, we can see that the main character takes an important place.
2nd plan
In the second plan, the poster presents all other actors and fantastic animals.
Background of the image
In the background, we can see The main place in history, New York Bank.
Impression of the image
The image makes the spectator frightened: a lot of fantastic beats, a snake in the title, the lights a little mystical. The characters look at us as if they wanted to throw a spell on us.
Our intention
This poster wants to encourage us to go to the cinema to see the film. We wanted to put all the characters and the main animals. We chose the bank because it is there that the story begins. We wanted all that worthwhile to show that this movie is great and who must go see it.