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Pain point 1 :
Live Training costs


Pain point 2:
Time consuming admin paperwork and data management

Pain point 3:
Lack of agility to adapt business requirements

Next steps

  • How often do you deliver face to face training ?
  • Is it something you would like to deliver more frequently to your teams ? If yes, why aren't you doing so ?
  • What is the cost per learner of organizing a live training session at company X ? What weights the most in that cost ?
  • Where do you spend more time / budget when it comes to shipping FtF training ?
  • How much time do you spend on learner registration ? If you had this process automated, what tasks would you focus on ?
  • How do you measure the ROI of your FtF training initiatives ?

  • Do you currently leverage face-to-face training?
  • How important is FTF training in your training strategy ?
  • If so, who owns this? Is it delivered by an internal or external trainer?

Hook with example: When we started working with Starleaf they wanted to reduce their onboarding costs while ensuring continuous training development in a blended manner. With 360Learning, the saved 90k£ on annual logistic and material costs for onboarding, while increasing by 6 their annual training frequency.

  • Who do you share attendance data with ?
  • How do you track classroom attendance ? Do you use a particular software for that ?
  • How much time do you spend collecting, exporting and formatting these data ?
  • How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your attendance data ?

Hook with example: One of our client , Emergenetics, used to extensively use printed material for trainings. Thanks to 360Learning's blended-learning capabilities, they saved over 700 sheet of paper / associate / year.

  • How do you manage creating slots?

  • How do you manage placing learners in slots?

  • How do you adapt your live training initiatives to your teams schedule, timezone, etc ?

  • Let's say you want to ship a live training session but you can't accommodate with all of your learners' schedules. How do you do ?

  • How do you manage rescheduling / changing slots?

  • How do you ensure that learners will attend your live trainings ? How do you remind them to spare time in their agenda ? How much time does it take you to send this kind of reminders ?

  • How do you measure engagement when it comes to live training ? What are your goals on this matter ?

  • How do you capture feedback post-session?


1. Transition to SQL

Connect on Strategy

  • What are the results you want to see from a new live training tool ?

  • Great would love to connect you to XXX for a more in-depth conversation...

2. Book Next Step

I would like to set up an online conference with one of our account executives so they can show you 360Learning in action. Does that sound good to you?