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Houston International high school

Student: Flora, Malak, Coumba

date of release : sept 2022

University Logo

  • Born, April 25 2003 (18y)
  • 1,68 m
  • She is selfish, narcissistic, arrogant and introvert
  • She is a daughter of the director

  • Born June 2003 (18y)
  • 1,85 m
  • He is amiable, charismatic, nervous and enigmatic
  • Originally from a Korean family, he studuied in the US


Alison Jones

Logan Kim

  • Born March 2004 (17y)
  • 1,71 m
  • She is charismatic, responsible, crafty and aggressive
  • His mother is a lawyer


  • Born February 28 2004 (17y)
  • 1,79 m
  • He is, observant, energetic, impatient
  • his father is a famous surgeon


William Andersson

Madison Smith

  • Born Jauary 2002 (19y)
  • 1,80 m
  • He is comical, quick to anger, authoritarian
  • His father is a director of a important compagny


  • Born June 2002 (18y)
  • 1,70 m
  • She is, courteous, amiable, reserved
  • She is a daughter of the president of South Africa


Ashley Khumalo

Noah Connor

Professor Sawyer

Father of Alison (Director)




main location of the series

place for drug smokers

the place of murder ( forest)

Affair between us

At the place of the suicide of Noah

interrogation room of the 5 teenagers

William's interrogation room

Identity politics

  • bullying that is concentrated between rich people

  • competition between students

  • it is a much less fabulous place than others may think

  • a predominantly young audience

  • no gender more emphasized

  • no community is more emphasized (because it is an international school)

  • we find several origins

Morality politics

  • A lie can do much more damage than you might think

  • the end of the group's friendship