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my incredible family





Her name is Jade.

She is thirty-one years old.

She is strict and funny.

She has a small nose

and a lovely smile.She is of medium build.

She is of medium height.

She has blonde hair.

She has green eyes.

She likes cooking but she doesn't like

playing videogames.

She can make fire.

She is the mother.

His name is Andy.

He is thirty-two years old.

He is cool and funny.

He has a beard and small ears.

He is strong and of medium build.

He is of medium height.

He has short black hair.

He has brown eyes.

He likes playing music

but he doesn't like dancing.

He can be super strong.

He is the father.

Her name is Iris.

She is twelve years old.

She is sporty and cool.

She has a small nose and she is slim.

She is of medium height.

She has long black hair.

She has brown eyes.

She likes playing basketball but she

doesn't like singing.

She can have lazer eyes.

She is the daughter.

His name is Spooky.

He is one years old.

He is adorable.

He is handsome.

He has a brown coat.

He has black eyes.

He likes playing a ball but he doesn't

like washing.

He can grow and shrink.

He is the dog.