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the lopes family

nola pichot 6e pyrope

THE PETS(the cats)

Hello, Their names are Roméo and Juliette. They are 1years old. They are cute and adorable. They has small and of medium build. They have dark hair. They have green and brown eyes. They like swimming but they don't like cooking. They can fly.


Hi ,her name is Jada, she is 16 years old, she is creative and cool. She is youngt, pretty, slim and tall. She has dark, short hair. She has small, dark and brown eyes. She likes dancing but she doesn't like drawing. She can make water and fire.


Hi, his name is Judicaël. He is 44 years old. He is cool and strict. He is of medium build and he is tall. He has short dark hair. He has big dark eyes. He likes playing football but he doesn't like acting. He can fly.


Hello, her name is Martine, she is 47 years old. She is cool and intelligent. She has short black hair, she is slim and of medium height. She has short black hair. She has brown eyes. She likes cooking but she doesn't like playing football.She can be speed.