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The super DC family

The super DC family

matiya masila,6 eme pyrope

Her name is Iris.

She is 17 years old.

She is cool and cute.

She is tall and she has long pink hair.

She has blue eyes.She likes dancing and acting but she doesn't like saving the world.

She can make fire.

Her name is Geralda.

She is 40 years old.

She is sporty and cool.

She is tall and she has long blond hair.

She has blue eyes.
She likes dancing and boxing but she doesn't like acting.
She can become invisible

Her name is dave.

He is 40 years old.

He has black hair and he has black eyes.

He is sporty and serious.

He is strong and old.

He is tall.

He likes boxing but he doesn't like dancing.

He can is superstrong.

He is roxy.

He has 7 years old.

He is cute.

He is small.
He is brown.

He has black eyes.

He likes speaking but he doesn't like playing.

He can fly and speak