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The star Family

lina mtir 6e pyrope

His name is Nahil. He is 10 years old. He is sporty. He is of medium height ;slim and strong . He has brown ; short hair . he has brown eyes . He likes tennis but he doesn't like eating banana. he can become eclaire. HE HAS GLASSES

His name is Mehdi. he has 42 years old. He is sporty. He is of medium build. He has dark; and short hair. He has brown eyes. he likes sport addict but he doesn't like theatre. He can becom throw laser

Her name is Maryam. she has 15 years old. She is cool. she is tall; slim and old. she has long brown and curly hair. she has blue eyes. She likes eating chocolate but she doesn't like sport. She can make fire.

His name is Pompon. He is 2 years old. He is strict and creatif. he is small; fat and weak. He has short dark hair. He has green eyes. He likes playing with mouth but he doesn't like dog.