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The Clinton family

His name is Moro. He is 30 years old. He is serious . He is not very tall and slim. He has black eyes. He liking mecanics. He doesn't like cooking . He can fly.

Her name is Nora. She is twenty-nine years old . She is cool .She is very tall and slim. She have short brown hair. She eyes black. She likes cooking. She doesn't like playing . She he can charm animal .

Her name is Lana, she have twelve years old . Personality is funny . She have has is not very tall and slim . She have has long brown hair . She has eyes black . She likes swiming . She doesn't like playing games . She can stop a train .

He name is Sunny .He is one years old . He is cool . He is not very tall and slim . He has brown hair . He has eyes black . He liking playing . He doesn't like cakes . He can fly .