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essential questions to ask for succes

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Essential questions to ask for success


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Project management


Target audience

Serious games and gamification

  • What exactly is the problem I want to address?

  • Consequently, what is the general objective of the Serious Game?

  • Have teaching aids and media already been produced?

  • Will the Serious Game be combined with other training methods?

  • What is the appropriate context for offering a serious game ?

  • For which subject a serious game can ba relevant ?

  • Should tests be carried out before hand ?

  • What are the main deadlines to be set?

  • What internal resources will be required to join the project team?

  • How many people should work on it ?

  • What project management should you adopt to design a serious game ?

  • Should the development of a project be divided into several phases?

  • How can I convince my management to invest in a Serious Game?

  • How do I choose the right service provider to develop my project?

  • which skills are necessary ?

  • What is the overall budget for the project?

  • Does the budget include internal manpower?

  • Does the budget include the costs of materials and infrastructure?

  • Does the budget include the costs of operation, project management and promotion?

  • What are the different arguments for the institution to commit a certain budget?

  • What type of game seems most appropriate?

  • How many scenarios should be included?

  • How many sets should be modelled?

  • How many interactive objects will be used?

  • How many factors, endogenous or exogenous, will be involved?

  • What level of interactivity is expected?

  • Should there be several levels of difficulty?

  • Is a multi-player mode relevant?

  • What platforms will be used?

  • What graphics technology will be used?

  • What level of graphic realism?

  • What level of situational realism?

  • What Human-Computer Interfaces will be used?

  • What will be the software environment?

  • Do the audience get the IT devices required ?

  • Will the Serious Game need to be connected to an LMS?

  • What network infrastructure will be required?

  • What software will i use to make ma serious game ?

  • How to effectively disseminate the Serious Game?

  • Will the Serious Game be deployed in conjunction with social networks?

  • How to effectively promote the Serious Game internally?

  • How to support the change?

  • What is the expected lifespan?

  • What are the possibilities of evolution?

  • Who will be the end users?
  • Gamification suitable for all audiences ?
  • Is serious game relevant for any kind of audience ?
  • Has my target audience already used a serial game ?