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The Royal Family

Click on the Queen !

This is the Royal family tree !

Click on the future King !

Quand Elisabeth II ne sera plus reine, le roi sera...

Hello ! My name is William,
Can you find the members of my family ?
Click on my brother !

Now , click on my daughter !

Where is my first son ?

Can you spot my beautiful wife ?

Who is my grandfather ?

Where is my nephew ?

Click on my sister in law !

Who is my stepmother ?

Can you spot my mother ?

Well done !

That was easy, let's try something more difficult !

Where is my wife's brother in law ?

Click on Louis's father !

What about my grandmother's husband ?

Can you find George and Louis's sister ?

Where is Harry's sister in law ?

Where is Charles's granddaughter ?

Where is the Queen's first grandson ?

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Ready ?

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This is the Royal family tree !