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The evolution of U.s.a environmental policy

barack Obama


  • 1961 in Hawai
  • 44th American President
  • 1987 he resumed his law studies at the prestigious Harvard school
  • 1992 he married Michelle Robinson
  • 1996 illinois senate : public health comittee + again in 1998/2000
  • 2004 speach on the american dream "the audacity of hope"
  • 2007 candidacy for democratic presidential
  • 2008 elected , 4 November
  • 2009 take up residence in the White house

his project and achievements

set two bills in motion on wich he would stake his legacy:

  • the health care law in the uppen chamber
  • in the lower
  • comprehensive environmental bill that included a marked based carbon cap and trade system
  • renewable energy standarts
  • co authored by Rep
  • 2009 : 90billion : retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, fueling development in wind and solar power , modernizing the grid , training employees for green jobs, building high speed rail ....
  • 2015 Global Warming : problem ?
  • CO2 reduce.
  • 2016 COP16 in Cancun

the critical aspect with what he failed to achieve and bring to the country

  1. Higher energy bills
  2. Lost jobs
  3. Higher natural gas prices would stomp the manufacturing renaissance
  4. No impact on climate change
  5. Ambigious on Keystone XL Pipeline
  6. No admission of temperatures leveling off and wrong predictions
  7. Efficiency mandates drive up prices , drive away choice
  8. Subsidies for me but not for thee
  9. Pretending China and the devloping worlf will cut emissions
  10. Hidies Obama's antinuclear policy behind pro nuclear rhetoric
  11. Bypasses congress and the american people

donald trump

his opinion with the global warming

It's freezing and snowing in new york--we need global warning!

Donald Trump

in new york, march was the coldest month in recorded history - we could use some global warming

Donald Trump

the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing non-competitive

Donald Trump

what did he do ?

  • aggressive fossil fuel policy
  • production and export

Trump's American First Plan Energy -> law cost energy + jobs

Clean Power Plan -> Clean Energy Rule

joe biden

his opinion with the global warming

what are his project?

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • new appliance
  • set limits


Various policies
Influence the country in different ways for each of them
Promises of fine words