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Italian New York

Do you want some pizza or pasta ?
Go to Little Italy !
Many Italians came through Ellis Island and their descendants live in New York today.
In September , it's the Feast of San Gennaro with music , a parade and a cannoli-eating contest.
In 2014 a man set a world record , eating 34 cannoli pastries in six minutes !


Chinese New York

Are you hungry for some Asian food ?
Go to Chinatown !
New York is home to the biggest population of Chinese outside of China . Look in shops for exotic fruit and live eels !


Irish New York

Do you want some potatoes or shepherd's pie ?
Go to Woodside !
There are lots of Irish pubs and restaurants there . Rockaway Beach also has many people with Irish origins .
In March they will have their annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade.


Jewish New York

Are you craving a bagel or a pretzel ?
Go to Borough Park !
Many Jews from Eastern Europe live here and you can hear Yiddish in the streets
But don't go on Friday evening or Saturday : the shops are closed for the Sabbath.